Local Co-op and Story, Not In My Destiny

With a few minor adds and a touch more attention to detail Destiny could have easily became my newest gaming addiction.

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scark921490d ago

Local Co-op should be available on most multiplayer games, they make me buy games at times alone

martinezjesus19931490d ago

I agree, i wasnt going to buy Diablo 3 but hefact that it had local coop made me shell out 60 on it. Dont regret it one bit.

Rainbowcookie1490d ago

I won't be buying destiny since there are no local co-op and the always online doesn't do it for me . I would have liked a choice

otherZinc1490d ago

I agree completely!

Great article, right to the point.

The omission of local
campaign co-op is a critical misstep for a Bungie game or great shooter.

scottieleverne1490d ago

It's true this game is lacking any sort of story and to me shows what this new Bungie thinks of their fans. I'll be trading this in for Shadows of Mordor in a few weeks. At least then, I can get $40 bucks back.

daBUSHwhaka1490d ago

I'm with you.Gonna get as many achievements as possible then get rid of it for my precious.It's a shame really.Destiny should have been so much more.Solid shooter let down by options and repetitive gameplay.Mordor and forza nxt.

Massacred1490d ago

One thing I was really hoping for was some type of offline arena. I understand you need to be connected to play online, but couldn't they allow copies of some areas to be played offline?

I brought my PS4 over to my friends apartment who doesn't have internet to show him Destiny, but was unable to :(

poppinslops1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Que New Monday...

"Nothing to see here"

"Everyone loves Destiny, ESPECIALLY the press"

"Negative reviews were written by Xenu"

Mega241490d ago

So obsessed with other commenters that you're talking about them in random articles, you got problems buddy. Better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

iNFAMOUZ11490d ago

local coop meh, who cares, online is whats important, but the whole focus on coop missions even though you dont have to do them coop is pretty bad.

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