Dyack: Future Will Only See Handful of Publishers writes: "Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack predicts more than just a one-console future... he also sees some major consolidation on the way.

Speaking as part of a lengthy developer roundtable on GameDaily BIZ concerning the state of development and where the game industry may be headed in the not-so-distant future, Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack said that he believes consolidation in the video game industry will essentially mimic Hollywood, as the big publishers (e.g. Activision Blizzard, EA, etc.) devour the rest. Eventually all that will be left is a handful of big publishers.

"...mergers and acquisitions will continue for the foreseeable future until we are left with a handful of major publishers. This trend is similar to what happened in Hollywood when it moved toward the studio model. This move resulted in five major studios gobbling up hundreds of smaller studios," he explained."

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i really hope not but hes right