Destiny Servers Taken Down By Hacker Group Lizard Squad

"Destiny’s servers seems to be down, according to several users. The error shown in the picture above appears every time someone tries to log into the Destiny servers."

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randomass1711582d ago

I was in the middle of the strike mission on Venus when the servers went down... almost beat it too. :/

joydestroy1582d ago

i think a lot were on strikes. including myself. all of my friends dropped out so i went to orbit. then it kicked me.

guitarded771582d ago

BS that some sad people have to go and mess with other people having fun.

Giul_Xainx1581d ago

You know what? Lizard squad should die

Lord_Sloth1581d ago

Can we stop using the term "hacker" to describe script kiddies using a DDoS?

BiggerBoss1582d ago

Omg same here, the one on the northern part of Venus. I thought my wifi was going out but guess not. I'm getting really tired of these guys

smt_Nocturne1582d ago

they really picked a bad time to attack destiny.
Agent of nine should disappear any minute now.

AngelicIceDiamond1582d ago

(Sigh) SMH. This is why I HATE always online games...

Because of stupid stuff like this takes place....

CerebralAssassin1582d ago

Stupid people is the problem. What comes out of attacking a game like destiny? Nothing...

elsuperamigo1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Yeah and to think Microsoft wanted a always online console! Whit all the bad stuff that can happen every day like getting hack or losing your internet connection or having bad internet in some parts of the world where are the fools that were defending that monstrosity now???

gootimes1582d ago

It could happen with PSNow though, or any online required service. The problem is are these people that want attention. It only hurts the gamers.

KwietStorm1582d ago

Even if the game wasn't always online, you still wouldn't be able to play ONLINE. And don't say well you could play single player, because guess what? That obviously isn't going to matter to people actively playing Destiny, ONLINE.

DLConspiracy1582d ago

It would be a lot cooler if these kids had a purpose but I guess boredom is there spirit emotion.

MrPink20131582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )


This issue is on Bungie's servers, not XBL or PSN. Microsoft's original idea for an always online system would require a 24 hour check in, when was the last time you couldn't connect online on the Xbox One for 24 hours?

I'm not defending those policies as I thought it was really poorly thought out but let's not turn what's happened on Destiny into the Xbox One wouldn't work because of hackers.

Chuuzuu1582d ago

It's not the game, it's these "hacker" losers that are the problem.

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DeadlyFire1581d ago

Online security sucks. Its not just for games its for anything.

FanboyKilla1581d ago

@elsuperamigo dont know, but i know where the people who were hating on it are. On their ps4 playing an online only game. Lmfao Remember what was said about titan fall being an online game? Of course you dont. Lol

Sorry fellas he deserved it. Lizard hacks destiny and he is bashing microsoft.
Thats too salty i wont eat it.

TheRacingX1581d ago

The whole thing I hate, bringing down game servers, cheating in online games....WHAT DO YOU GET FROM CHEATING??? you're so bad at gaming that you have to ruin it for everyone else????.....good for you you Pieces of S*#T....

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TheGreatAndPowerful1582d ago

it was only down for 10min for me so no biggie.

VealParmHero1582d ago

Just beat that one about 20 min ago. idk how long ago this happened but I didn't seem to have any probems.

Seriously though...Lizard squad? These people think they're cool or something like that? Idk I just don't really get it. What do they gain from this. Pretty weird

Kivespussi1581d ago

They're just a bunch of assholes. I guess they enjoy the attention they get.

Did anyone already hear that they tweeted John Smedley a picture of his dad's grave? That's just sick.

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Orbilator1581d ago

Its the weekend again, no school so they can all stay up and hack servers again.

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Mikelarry1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Cool thought I was going crazy... Guess it back to cod ghost why me :(

Edit: its back up

MorePowerOfGreen1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

The issue is on XB1 as well. I was fighting the Archon priest and it only had a sliver of life and BAAAMMM!!! booted :(


Yeah. I assumed that. The article was wondering what Platforms were affected.

randomass1711582d ago

PSN and XBL are not affected. This is something to do with Activision and Bungie's servers unfortunately. :(

jobboy1582d ago

servers down here in italy :(

rainslacker1582d ago

Seems like Lizard Squad is going to take credit for every internet hiccup out there. Many are saying it wasn't out for very long, and is likely an issue with Activision servers.

Thing is, not every server error is a hack. Sometimes things just go bad for other reasons. Giving credit to LS just because of this is rather premature.

On another note...weren't there reports that some of their members were already caught?

Letthewookiewin1582d ago

Dam right in the middle of a strike :(

moegooner881582d ago

Apparently Call of Duty servers as well have been attacked, can anyone confirm ?

LazyGoron1582d ago

My entire network is down, PSN is down

equal_youth1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

where are u from? i am playing right now.

btw. i am from germany.

Clunkyd1582d ago

That's your internet, buddy. lol

FullmetalRoyale1582d ago

Southeast Texas, I've been playing Minecraft on ps4 with my friend for hours, no issues here.

BootyBandit1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

PSN is fine on my end.

But at least now I know why it wouldn't allow me to do strike missions. It said I need a PS+ subscription and I was like WTF are they talking about? So I went to the PS4 UI and I was connected to PSN and could enter the store smd sync my trophies with no problems.

Rebooted the PS4 and still can't play strike. At least now I know why. Oh well. I will just explore for more loot and do side missions until things work themselves out.

MysticStrummer1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

PSN is fine for me.

Bravo hackers, you're really something special. /s

If you're going to hack something, go for shady governments or companies with questionable business practices. Don't waste your time on bringing a damn game down.

ALLWRONG1582d ago

So PSN goes down or a couple people and the first reaction on N4G is to deny it and jam disagree.

Killzoner991582d ago

As you can see by your disagrees nobody believes you troll. This has nothing to do with PSN , this is on Activision who need to seriously beef up their security if they can be taken down so easily by a nothing hacker group. PSN IS NOT DOWN.

Energy-HL1581d ago


'If you're going to hack something, go for shady governments or companies with questionable business practices.'

Like Microsoft then?

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equal_youth1582d ago

yep i played a few rounds then it went down for about 5-10 minutes now its back up.