Zerg Mutations - StarCraft II Preview continues on their StarCraft 2 Preview Series, and focus on the mutations of the Zerg race:

"If you take the time to think for a minute; What is the Zerg most known for? Most people would say the infamous "Zerg rush", and MMO-players would say "Zerging", the word never used by the actual Zerg-players... Another famous Zerg attribute is the ever-changing mutations and infestations!".

They take a closer look at the Baneling and the Lurker, as well as going back to the Hive Queen and Overseer.

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Leord3775d ago

I think the mutations and infestations that the Zerg are doing is really cool. Its very interesting how Browder managed to pick up on that so well, and has helped the dev team enhance this feeling so much with the Zerg. More mutations of units, and more infestation.

The only thing that bothers me is no infestation of other Zerg buildings...

SCFreelancer3775d ago

Why does it bother you that Zerg players won't be able to infest each others buildings? In a 1v1 match up it would never result in a situation that is disadvantageous for either player.

The term 'buildings' for something that is completely organic and alive is a bit weird anyway you put it if you ask me. Some, such as the cerebrates and the Overmind actually had a will and psionic abilities.

Leord3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Well, the thing is that in SC1, they were buildings mainly due to lack of flexibility in the game engine. In SC2, units can become stationary, and buildings can unroot and move about.

I find it just natural that the hyper-evulotional virus that the Infestor ( http://starcraft.incgamers.... ) uses can mutate into controlling other Zerg Broods as well as Terrans or Protoss!

SCFreelancer3775d ago

@1.2: That would be a possibility if they actually had a mind of their own. However from what I understand broods, for as far as they actually have a will of their own, are beeing controlled by some kind of overseer such as the queen or her cerebrates (in the past that is).

I think the practical problem with this is how to clearly show that an invested Zerg is your invested Zerg ;) And probably some balance issues I fail to see.

Terrice3775d ago

It's great to see the developers making more use of mutations and infestation this time around. I'm particularly happy with how the Queen is turning out.

If only the Ultralisk could mutate into something...

SCFreelancer3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Well at least the Ultralisk can make use of the burrow ability just like all the other ground based Zerg. Imagine how epic that would look in a CGI movie :D

As for the mutation: I know they are somewhat limited in this area because of multi player balance implications but possibilities of this seem to be endless. Do you think they should go crazy with this in the singleplayer campaign?

Leord3775d ago

Ultralisk => Gigalisk => Teralisk! =D

Terrice3775d ago

True, for multiplayer it'll need to be balanced and would depend on the total unit count when compared to the other two races.

They should definitely make use of it during the single player missions, as long as it doesn't confuse new players when they make the leap from the campaigns to online play.

And yea, the burrow ability for the Ultralisk was a long time coming :)

Leord3775d ago

Well, it surely isn't impossible at least, seeing as they are going to have drop pods in single player and other goodies that isn't quite balanced for multiplayer. Do you think players might be able to use things like Reavers as well? =D

Terrice3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Wasn't the Reaver shown in an early screenshot? I remember hearing how the Wraith will return in the campaign, so I'm willing to bet the Reaver will make an appearance.

It'll depend on how they structure the Protoss missions.

Leord3775d ago

Yes it was. It even has a fully made model. It will be available in the map editor ( http://starcraft.incgamers.... )

ThanatosDMC3775d ago

I hope they change those supply depots for the Terrans. It's always a hassle to find space for those.

SCFreelancer3774d ago

@2.7: I don't think they have done alot to change the space required for them, but they did give the Supply Depots the ability to drop into the ground so your (and the enemy) ground based units can move over them. This on itself should help you at least a bit on the space issue.

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thehitman3775d ago

HOW can a zerg infest itself?? Not the first time I heard som1 bring that up infestation is the process of taking somethign and making it a part of the zerg brood. If its already a zerg how can you infest it further??

ThanatosDMC3775d ago

Wasnt it possible for a queen in SC1 to shoot its crap on another zerg enemy and make two broodlings out of it. So it's the same concept.

Terrice3774d ago

I think of it less as infesting and more of corrupting part of the enemy's hive mind to produce the irregular Zerg units for a limited time.