MrE reveals ::: Halo: MCC Zanzibar gameplay :::

The reveal of Zanzibar multiplayer map anniversary gameplay in HALO MCC. Gungoose video reveal as well, looks sweet!!

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Foehammer1493d ago

Classic, who said it's not like the good old days?

XBLSkull1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Yeah damn, this video brings back so many memories. Guy playing is obviously a classic Halo 2 player. Anyone make that "Halo Killer" game yet? No? Didn't think so... still #1 and going to be better than ever! Less than 2 months boys...

I'd love that last remastered map to be Containment but I doubt that will be it. I'd also love for it to be Waterworks or Headlong. They got the CQB covered, I hope they make it an epic vehicle map.

Sold my copy of Reach a while back but I'm glad it is the free game on 360 this month, gonna be perfect to play that campaign first then right into the MCC, since Reach ends where Halo begins.

headblackman1492d ago

my preorder is already paid for. just waiting for the date to arrive :)

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annoyedgamer1492d ago

I cannot wait. I have some discounts and points to burn and its on a 10 year old game...and I'm happy.

DARK_FOX1492d ago

I cant wait for the MCC! Xbox one has an awesome holiday lineup!

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