PS3: Standing on One Leg: The Third-Party Situation

Scrawl: "Before I start this article, I'd like everyone to give this article over at RPGFan a read. It really states the bad situation Sony is in with RPGs and even highlights the numbers. Now, onto the article."

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avacadosnorkel3775d ago

most third parties are turd parties.

mikeslemonade3775d ago

PS3 has the top rated 3rd-party exclusive game in MGS4. Bioshock, the 2nd best rated is no longer exclusive to 360 and is also coming to PS3.

The RPGs that are coming out on 360 are 2nd-rate titles made created on obsolete engines such as the Unreal Engine 3. They may be good games but they're not going to sell 360 hardware.

RememberThe3573775d ago

I have to agree. But the point they are making is that Sony needs to figure out how to get the third parties more involved.right now there just isn't that much support.

From what I saw about the RPG's for the 360 only Fable 2 sparks my interest.

avacadosnorkel3775d ago

and not one of you know the truth. 3rd party games have been directed by a Microsoft check book and since it's free money every company loves it. I would take it. I don't work for Sony. Loyalty is a myth and a joke at the same time. The 360 doesn't have the first parties to support like Sony does so they are free to spend, spend, spend, on third party.

MS knows what they are doing. They pay EA for timed exclusive rights to Rock Band in Europe because Europe loves Singstar and awesome drunken party games. They pay EA for giving Sony a sh1tty version of Madden last year because they know in the US, Madden is the draw (funny because FIFA 08 was 60fps and developed at the same time within the EA). They pay Capcom for their allegiance. They pay Ubisoft on the side too. They are paying all the Japanese developers they can for RPG support for Japanese prayers. And they still have money....

And the next XBOX is coming soon...

jcfilth3775d ago

great timing for M$ to throw out to the streets their paid xbots to make articles like this. Have you all seen how many negative PS3 articles came out since MGS4??? it is really funny!!

travelguy2k3775d ago

How would Bioshock be a PS3 third party exclusive?

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Wildarmsjecht3775d ago

Stop treating the ps3 like a system that transitions easily from PC development, or giving horrible ports and you'll see players not buy it, thus making some 3rd party not try when in essence it was their fault to begin with. COD4, Burnout, DMC are just a few examples of what happens when you treat the PS3 like it's own system. You get results on par, or better than the other platforms. Uh..Duh?

paul_war3775d ago

Err, I think they made a mistake.

Insomniac are not first party, they are not owned by Sony, they just happen to develop PS3 exclusive games.

That makes the situation better.

BulletToothtony3775d ago

And some of the 360 exclusives have been exclusives because the console has been out longer.. bigger install base = more money.

As the ps3 gets a bigger install base (now reaching 14 mil) it will start getting some exclusives as well.

I believe that he's too eager to say that the 360 is getting all the good third party support when in reality they're both getting some love.

The 360 have had a better support thus far but that doesn't mean the ps3 will never get it.

In my opinion this is just some flamebait and not a very well thought out article.

Now that mgs4 is out and the ps3 has learned not only to walk but is starting to run we will see a lot of final hate towards the ps3..

Now that we got a pretty good library haters move towards, RPG's, PSN, Third Party (even thou we just got the best game a gamer could ask from a third party), and of course bring back old, very old issues with the ps3.. like the whole sony promises we saw last night article..

It's ok thou no need to get all angry at someone's silly opinion.

Ps3 is here to stay boys, and i can care less if great games are either FIRST OR THIRD party.. i just wanna play great games..

thesummerofgeorge3775d ago

It really does seem like with the overwhelming success and praise of MGS4 has com alot of PS3 trashing, and as Bullet said, bringing back old issues as far back as launch. It's true though, who cares about first or third party as long as the games are good, the rest will come in time.

kingOVsticks3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

This list incomplete where is tekken 6 and blaze blue also the new formula game coming out. E3 is just around the corner sony has yet to announce all their games. But the lack of third party support is due to microsoft's oh so generous checks and sony is just not having it this also shows how sony aren't buying exclusives. Lets just say Sony is still in a better position since it will always have its first party exclusives while M$ on the other hand has little to no first party exclusives and many "timed" third party exclusives.

season0073775d ago

lol..on the other side i say SCE's one leg is like an elephant leg

who has doubt with first party game from Sony?