Destiny Is Best With Friends

IM PLAYIN discusses why Destiny is best played with friends, and not on your own.

"I’ve been playing Destiny for over a week now, and I’ve built up a fair number of hours of gameplay so far. I’m currently at level 20, but I’ve been focusing more on the side missions (the Raids / Strikes) and the Crucible than I have the main story (which I’ve heard is rather short). Though, I have played a bit of the story, I guess. I’ve just met with the Awoken guys and I’m on the second Venus mission. That could be over half way, I have no clue. I’ve played all of the story on my own so far, with just a little help from randomers who join the world before the ‘no respawn’ events. But the most fun that I’ve had on Destiny didn’t come in my first play-through of the first few missions. It actually came in my second play-through, when I was helping my brother grind out the early levels."

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Lulz_Boat1488d ago

just like any online game.

Alicornium1488d ago

Oh yeah man, you're right, all those events and raids coming, all those people to play with... pfft. Totally dead.