Oculus Reveals Showdown From Epic Games

VRFocus - Today Oculus VR revealed its new Crescent Bay prototype for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). With that reveal came some new software announcements from the Oculus Connect event in Hollywood, California. One such title was from Epic Games, the Gears of War developer that has worked closely with Oculus VR over the past few years to help showcase its device.

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nagalaga312559d ago

I want Morpheus because my PC is crap.

Pandamobile2559d ago

Plenty of time to upgrade your rig before the Rift comes out, bud.

starchild2559d ago

I want Oculus Rift because my PS4 is crap and I can't do anything about it.

Barricade2558d ago

nagalaga31 gave a good reason to go for project Morpheus, and you just had to bash the ps4. Did it ever cross your mind his pc actually is crap specs wise? That he doesn't want to spend all that money to build a monster rig, AND buy Oculus Rift?
The ps4 is not crap. it may not be the best spec wise, but for someone who preferes consoles over pc for numerous reasons, it's a great console to own, just like every other console on the market.

OT: I can't wait for any VR device to come out, and this makes me want it even more.

a little bit more off-topic: does it bother anyone else reading 'virtual reality (VR) head mounted device (HMD)' ? I know it's the correct thing to do, but people visiting and reading articles on these subjects know what VR and HMD mean.

GeraltofRivia2558d ago

Just rebuild or upgrade your pc. If you want to save money buy something like a used graphics card, maybe a GTX 680, a used processor, used ram, etc... you can find all of this stuff on ebay or craigslist

spoonard2559d ago

It's a much better option for me. It'll be cheaper for me, and the difference in experience will be meaningless to me. I've demo'd an Oculus headset and it was awesome, but the cost of the final product in conjunction with a PC upgrade isn't worth the cost of admission. Whereas I already own a PS4 that I don't have to upgrade, and will never have to upgrade to enjoy software for the next 5-7 years that will look probably not as good as high end PC stuff, but it'll easily match mid-range stuff. Bottom line for me is cost and the difference isn't so extreme as PC elitists make it out to be.

starchild2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I love this attitude. You should go into an audio forum and tell them that your walmart MP3 player with $10 headphones isn't much different than a high fidelity setup with quality amps/DAC, source components (DAPs, etc) and head phones or speakers. Or go into a gearhead/car forum and tell them that your Ford Focus is basically as good as their tricked out Lancer Evos and Nissan GT-Rs...or at least the difference isn't as much as they make it out to be.

Seriously, this attitude is stupid. Just because you aren't perceptive enough or inclined to notice or care about the differences doesn't mean that they don't exist or that they are minor or that the people that do care are just wasting their time.

nagalaga312559d ago

Or how about spoonard explicitly said that it won't have the same quality as a PC, but it will be satisfying. Ergo a Ford Focus is way cheaper than a Lancer Evos but it still gets you from point A to point B.

scottieleverne2559d ago

Calm down, dude. Some people don't take the specs and specifics that seriously. Some people CAN be happy listening to music with $10 headphones. Not everyone has to have the latest and greatest to be happy. To each their own.

Pandamobile2558d ago

Nagalaga, VR isn't about getting from point A to point B. That would describe traditional games. VR is all about the journey and the quality of the experience.

If you think you're going to get anywhere near the level of experience that the Oculus Rift on a high end computer can deliver with Morpheus, you might be in for a bit of a shocker.