Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai

"During this time, Sakurai-san has racked up some mightily impressive achievements: he created both the Kirby and Super Smash Bros. series — the latter of which is arguably now Nintendo's most significant video game franchise — and revived Kid Icarus with a stunning degree of technical flair and character after it endured a two-decade hiatus. Such accomplishments could only belong to someone with an immense amount of dedication and determination.

Interestingly, Sakurai-san has always played a key role in the games that he has worked on. He joined HAL Laboratory in his late teens, yet despite his youth his first video game credit is as the director of 1992's Game Boy hit, Kirby's Dream Land — he was only 21 years old at the time of its release. Two years earlier, however, was when he actually created the pink puffball who would go on to become one of Nintendo's most popular characters."

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