Watch Final Fantasy XV Uncut Gameplay In Glorious 1080p HD

You've probably seen the TGS 2014 livestream of Final Fantasy XV. Now let's watch the gameplay demonstration in glorious 1080p HD.

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LeonhartX1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Wow.. it looks gorgeous!! draw distance is amazing and character models are top notch, back in 2006 nomura said that he is aiming for Advent Children quality but in my opinion this is even better, maybe that long wait was worth it after all.

P.S Battle system doesn't seem to be as slow as people exaggerated, seems fine tbh.

Big_Game_Hunters1492d ago

It definitely isn't advent children quality but it does look amazing.

mikeslemonade1492d ago

SE finally delivered this time! They fooled me after battle because I thought it was a cutscene when they zoomed in up-close to Noctis, but that was in-game gameplay!!!

I was just staring Noctis for 10 seconds expecting him to say something then I realized that's the fucking gameplay. WTF!?

vishmarx1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

looks more or less on par with advent children unless you sit there and examine each pixel.
and that combat, i dont even how theyre getting it work,
how are partner combos so natural and fluid ,
had this been made here in the west ,itd be a goldmine of hilarious glitches lol . partners getting their legs stuck midair or tripping over lol

also spell animations look like they change depending on the enemy size.
im definitely seeing the kh influence. and going by that , the battle system will be legendary.

fyi FFXV will be there at jump fest. its been confirmed .
im loving the new director,
this guy sweeps in and we have , new trailer, tech demo, new gameplay, playable demo, official site updates lol, and regular exhibits.
as much as i love nomuras work, this guy has some serious management skills

its finally happening and it looks like its been worth the wait


It doesn't have the details of Advent Children, but it looks more realistic, it has better particle effects, character models evnthough have less polygones but look more realistic and have natural skin shader compared to the uncanny old comic looking advent children. Lighting is betetr because you can now enjoy it in real time and not just baked like in Advent Children. Advent Children is good for a movie at THAT time. FFXV just destroys in real time used tech (newer tech so obvious).

bouzebbal1491d ago

looks damn good and it does remind a lot of Advent Children but tbh the gameplay and fights don't catch me so far.
I really miss ATB jauge. Let FF be FF and KH be KH -_-

DeletedAcc1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Videogames have evolved. You want your old gameplay? Play old games.

Rumor1491d ago

that is beautiful! it only makes me that more excited to see kingdom hearts 3! CG Pixar quality!?!? Seems not that far fetched

bouzebbal1491d ago

evolve yes but not the right way. FF has become a joke and this one is nothing but a beat'em all.

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Ashunderfire861491d ago

Look at them both side by side, I say this beats Advent children period!

Massacred1491d ago

I would say this is fairly close to Advent Children.

It looks like they could finally be delivering this time and getting back to exactly what we wanted before the last 8 years.

Actually, the story theme and tone seem more reminiscent of something in between final fantasy VI and VII.

So I could not be more excited.

guitarded771491d ago

All I can say is we finally have reason to be happy. The game is really coming... eventually.

jambola1491d ago

Yeah, he should grow up like you and constantly keep track of a game he doesn't like so he can complain over and over about it because he isn't getting his way

1491d ago
jambola1491d ago

you're not "fighting" you're bitching on the internet, if you don't like the game just stay away from it like the other people who don'l like it, instead of stalking any articles about the game so you can give your typical comments.

blackbeld1490d ago

It is better!

But one flaw! All of them had great hair in the RAIN!

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KnightRobby1492d ago

Pleas help get this approved. This is HD quality as compared to previously bad livestream quality. I am almost certain N4G wants to see 1080p HD!

BTW, I cannot wait for this one! :)

dasbeer881492d ago

I get the feeling that FF15 is going to be easy. I mean look at Noctis dodging all of the goblin's attacks! It's as though the player is spamming the triangle button from the PS4 controller or something.

DeletedAcc1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Lol, its a demo
Could be limited

Myze1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

It was a demo to show off basic gameplay, not difficulty. Should have been ridiculously obvious.

He was fighting goblins, which if going by past FF games, are the easiest enemy in the game, and a behemoth right next to them, which is usually ones of the biggest endgame non-boss enemy types. You should be able to easily dodge the easiest mobs in the game. He was getting hit, though, but the characters had on a large health regen, which I'm sure is just a demo feature. Also, it was obvious his basic weapon attacks were at a low level, while his magic was a very high level, like when he used Flare at the end to kill the behemoth.

If being able to dodge enemy attacks alone makes a game easy, I guess the Dark Souls series is the easiest series there is, since you can dodge everything.

Maybe FF15 will end up being really easy, maybe not. This demo in no way can lead to that conclusion one way or the other.

DragonKnight1491d ago

Yeah, I mean Sasuke using the Flying Thunder God Jutsu seems kind of OP even for a demo.

Paprika1491d ago

At face value they look close. But the cloud vs sephiroth scene is better than anything I've seen here, from memory anyway. Who knows, I wouldn't be shocked if this surpasses ac!

ChickeyCantor1491d ago

What draw distance? I mean it looks good but the distance in these scenes are not far.

DevilOgreFish1491d ago

It looks great,

pros - it's definitely the best looking in the series.

cons - performance felt kinda slow, and the combat seems slower than last year's E3 gameplay montage.

Myze1491d ago

I have a feeling we were never gonna get the dynamic fighting fast paced stuff we saw in last year's video for every little fight. The video was of the Leviathan fight destroying a city and from hopping between airships, two scenes that lend themselves to heavy momentum, thus intensity. They showed the sword grapple thing, so I have a feeling there will still be those intense combat/movement scenes we saw in the e3 trailer.

Evilsnuggle1491d ago

You guys are just plain old insecure haters if you can't see FF15 graphics aren't amazing. You boiz got hate in your blood.

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Syntax-Error1491d ago

3/4 of the video shown was character selection. Boring

Tiqila1491d ago

omg, everyone seems happy with this. It does not look like a bad game, but game mechanics do not look like FF at all. Everyone who was waiting for a new FF game should be sad. Game seems to play more like a brawler and the main characters look like a japanese boy group. Graphicswise it is awesome though and it might be fun in any case, but this is not the game I was looking for and I don't understand how any FF fan can like this.

DigitalRaptor1491d ago

"I don't understand how any FF fan can like this."

Sure you do. This game was a spin-off before it became a main title. People anticipating this game were those who appreciated the fact that the word "VERSUS" meant it was supposed to be different, like Crisis Core.

Apart from the fact that the game mechanics are different for a FF game, everything else has jumped back towards the old-school games where the ambition once was. Just because they've changed it to be a main entry title "XV" to make it more marketable, doesn't mean it's not a worthy FF entry.

Tiqila1491d ago

Imagine you were a Resident Evil fan and you liked the focus on survival horror of the original games. Then Resident Evil 6 comes up with only run and gun gameplay, not scary at. What happened there was that almost any RE fan I know was a bit pissed and disappointed. Not because RE 6 was a bad game, but because it has nothing the original games in the series had. Now we have the same with the FF franchise, going into a very different direction, with FF 13 being the low point so far, and now the radical change in gameplay. I was just not expecting that so many people appreciate this. Thx for sharing your view on this, I understand your point. As for myself, I will wait and see, play the demo or so, but until now this game does not hype me at all.

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Hellsvacancy1492d ago

"True HD 1080p" lol yeahhhhhh right

Hellsvacancy1491d ago

I'm referring to youtubes quality

shanic771491d ago


ahh its youtube..

Im hoping they update their quality soon!

jambola1492d ago

It begins.
now that we have a new video for ff xv, now we get the many video's that are the same but in different orders.

Vanfernal1492d ago

Am I the only one who is less than impressed with how the combat is looking?

1491d ago
Roccetarius1491d ago

No, you're certainly not the only one. This is just a sad hybrid of FF and KH.

colonel1791491d ago

People are saying it's slower that previously showcased. However, it could also be that they don't have a high level. That's how Kingdom Hearts work: At the beginning of the game you are slow, but when you are at high levels, you do many combos and move much faster.

It could also mean that it was just a tech demo to show people how it works and that's it.

Myze1491d ago


Yep, that's exactly what it is.

It's stupid to compare a fight against goblins which would be at the beginning of the game (the behemoth was basically one-shotted with a way-above-level Flare spell to end the demo), with a fight against Leviathan, a major boss, while he's destroying a town which is probably at mid-game or later.

Pug1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

No your not the only one this doesn't feel like a FF in any way. It looks more like a DmC game to me. Not sure what to make of it really looks similar to XIII when i was able to pretty much spam the Auto command all the way through the game.

chrissx1492d ago

Finally a FF(offline) worth looking forward to