Destiny Review (Part 2): Bungie's Biggest Mistake | TheHDRoom

In our second part of the Destiny Review, we look at gameplay and the different modes and point out Bungie's biggest mistake.

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headblackman1486d ago

their biggest mistake was the beta and the sec biggest mistake was allowing people to believe that it would be this massive free roaming game with mmorpg game play.

NewMonday1486d ago

people lead themselves on, we need to stop expecting more than what we see

only 2 things stop it from being a perfect game..

- Story is not there, nothing can be done now, but for future installments Bungie must learn the lesson, and epic story is expected from them.
- Cryptarch is an @$$#0L, Bungie needs to reduce the drop rate for the Legendary engram but make a a guaranteed decipher, the loot was fixed this in Diablo3 and it can be fixed here.