TGS 2014: Will Survival Horror Mount a Comeback With the Evil Within?

I’ll never, ever forget the first time I played Resident Evil on PlayStation. I was in the seventh grade, and the game had just launched on PlayStation. A friend of mine begged his mother to take us to the local video store to grab it, at which point we rented it, put the disc in our console, and proceeded to a play a game that, up to that point, was wholly unique, if not unprecedented. I was all about JRPGs and side-scrollers at this point in my life, and I had never seen or played anything like Resident Evil, mostly because nothing quite like Resident Evil even existed then.

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ritsuka6661491d ago

Shinji Mikami is the ONLY Japanese developer I have faith in bring back Survival Horror!. I'm sure the game will turn out fun and best of 2014!

XBLSkull1490d ago

Waiting on reviews for this, looks good but you never know with survival horror.

Baccra171490d ago

Redbox will have it so I plan on renting it. good or bad it'll be a lot cheaper than spending $60+.

HanzoHattori1491d ago

I'd say the horror genre has already made a comeback with Outlast and P.T. I think The Evil Within will make it's mark and i'll be playing it day 1.

Akuma2K1490d ago

I think Outlast is the new standard for survival horror because that game did everything right to scare the hell out of you (music, atmosphere, true scare moments, no ammo, limited visibility depending on what area you were in at the hospital etc....the music alone makes you want to play with the lights on because it sounds so

I believe that Evil Within will surpass Outlast in every way, seeing that Shinji Mikimi is at the helm with no creative restrictions (which I believe is what happened with the RE franchise after RE4, Capcom going for more action and less horror and Mikimi probably seen this coming and didn't agree with this and decided to leave Capcom).

He was able to make Evil Within like it was supposed to be made without any distractions from Capcom, knowing what us as fans are expecting in a true survival horror game right from the get go.

Can't wait to play it, I pre-ordered the digital version from the playstation store and will be ready at midnight to have the crap scared out of

Sy_Wolf1490d ago

What do you mean bring it back? AAA developers randomly decided it didn't work but the genre has been thriving with independent developers.

Plagasx1490d ago

Yea but they're all very similar in style. *See creepy monster, run* rinse repeat..

The Evil Within is a Third person Survival horror game. We don't see many of those anymore..

jay21490d ago

It's a great game RE1/4 in one (without babysitting Ashley thank god).

thezeldadoth1490d ago

also neverending nightmares and hopefully fatal frame gets localized.

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