Clock Tower creator announces spiritual successor for PS Vita, iOS, and Android

"Hifumi Kouno, the creator of the classic horror adventure series Clock Tower, and his studio Nude Maker have announced the development on a new horror franchise for PS Vita, iOS, and Android labeled a spiritual successor to Clock Tower.

Titled Project Scissors, the new game is set aboard a luxury cruise liner in the middle of the ocean. But as the ship sails, a series of gruesome and mysterious murderous begin to take place, including to those of the ship’s crew, and the ship is soon adrift at sea. As a passenger now trapped on the ship, the player will be tasked with solving the murder mystery to ensure both their survival and that of the “innocent” passengers."

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Scissorman821489d ago

HOLY YES! I LOVED Clock Tower on PSone. It was one of the few games that was capable of scaring the crap out of me. This is the best news I've read all day. :)

Kurisu1488d ago

Project Scissors...'s like this game was made for you!

scark921488d ago

Yeah Scissorman *hides* I did try an emulated version of it and I find it really scary,
There's something creepier about a psychopath chasing you rather than a monster or a mentally insane person chasing you!

Concertoine1488d ago

I've yet to be as scared or immersed in a portable horror game as much as a console one.

Lionalliance1488d ago

Did ya tried Lone Survivor on the Vita :o?

-Foxtrot1488d ago

IOS and Android....for goodness sake

It should be


XiMasterChief1488d ago

They'll make more money on Mobile devices.

DarkBlood1488d ago

Well if they had the budget for a console game sure but the listed devices are obvious

Lionalliance1488d ago

and they're a small team.

zeuanimals1488d ago

And the Japanese market prefers mobile games, it's part of the reason why consoles and even handhelds are starting die over there. It's also probably gonna play like the older Clock Tower games, which were point and click, that would work well on touch screen devices.

wh0am11488d ago

YES!!! I loved the first two. Neverplayed the capcom one though.

DarkBlood1488d ago

This will go good with my pstv when the game releases

Kurisu1488d ago

That's if it's compatible. If there's touch screen elements you won't be able to play it on PSTV, I believe.

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