Final Fantasy 15 Tech Details:Rain Effects & Fire Animations, Gameplay Was Possibly From PS4 Version

Along with some gameplay details as well.

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jobboy1487d ago

if this is actual ps4 footage, day one for me!.

Gamer19821487d ago

Same for me mate getting more and more excited about this game the more I see. Gameplay is selling it for me looks twice the game FFXIII was.

gameseveryday1487d ago

It's most likely ps4 footage, the demonstrator had a DS4 in his hand.

mikeslemonade1487d ago

It's implied it's PS4 version.

It should be exclusive this game by the way.

vishmarx1487d ago

fairly sure it was ps4,
the footage clearly didnt demonstrate anything that would need a supercomputer.
take a look at second son direct feed shots, which is one of the earliest ps4 games from a studio not even known to push graphics ,
and youd know ps4 is definitely capable of this stuff

demonddel1486d ago

@mikeslemonade just curious why should this game be exclusive and if it was exclusive how would that make u feel inside and would you feel the same way if it was exclusive to xbox

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gapecanpie1487d ago

I don't see why not.... there was nothing that didn't look like it couldn't be done on the ps4..... visually it's ok nothing mind blowing....

scark921487d ago

I found the entire presentation to be fantastic, I hope the player movement is as fluid than it looks, so hyped for this game!

theshredded1487d ago

"nothing mind blowing",are u high?!

Ashunderfire861487d ago

Nothing mind blowing? Maybe we both saw a different game perhaps? Did you see the huge amount of detail to the rain, characters, environment, and etc? This game looks comparable to all of the Final Fantasy CG trailers combine! I been waiting so long to see the day where Final Fantasy will finally look like it's cg trailers. That day has come my friend, that day has come.

EXVirtual1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

The guy had a DS4 in hand. Not to mention the few aliasing issues and slight frame drops as well as the fact that Tabata says the game's graphics will improve by 20-30%, it's definitely PS4 footage. Native 1080p is also kinda guaranteed.
It's SE. They don't joke around when it comes to graphics.

worldwidegaming1487d ago

I will believe that when I play it on my PS4.
"fool me once..."

DarXyde1487d ago

I need to see more. I'm not someone who can be won over by pretty visuals.

PaleMoonDeath1487d ago

Open World
Modern Combat system
Classic Final Fantasy enemies
Characters that are actually likable
Visuals are slick
Oh, did you see the open world?

Looks sick, not sure what else you need to know it's worth it, it's a modern Final Fantasy.

DarXyde1487d ago

How do we know the characters are likable exactly? Because Nomura said Noctis is cool?

We don't know much about them. The combat looks a lot like a Kingdom Hearts game made by Platinum Games, which doesn't really give me much incentive to buy it, as much as I love KH and Platinum's titles. Again, need to see more. The world might be open, but is it large? Something to consider. Technically, XIII-2 was open world, but it was compartmentalized and not "truly" open world. Areas didn't annex, you had to go to the Historia Crux. This game *could* be the same way. Again, need to see more.

Visuals are great, but as I said, I'm not sold on visuals. I need to see more.

TL;DR--I need to see more.

1487d ago
scark921487d ago

Haha I know, it is hard to believe that this game was announced at E3 2006 and is not even out yet, and you know what, who know this game was going to be this ambitious then.. I simply cannot wait.

Overwhelming1486d ago

How do you know it's open world? It looks like it will have several areas, maybe bigger than in previous FF's, but not a seamless open world.

The vombat system is the only thing that's stoping me from getting excited for this game. Since FF10, this series' combat systems sucked. But this one looks like it will be really boring, a click-fest with weapons that come out of nothing, maybe because they wouldn't fit the characters stylish costumes.

We know nothing about the characters, besides the ridiculous hairstyles.

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scark921487d ago

I am personally won over, I was won since the E3 conference when it was re announced as FF XV! I cannot wait!

PaleMoonDeath1487d ago

I know right? The only worry I truly had was the open world, this video washed any worries I had away in one swoop, March and I'll actually be able to play the damned thing, seems like a joke right? we are actually going to PLAY this game!!

DarkOcelet1487d ago

I was won over since the first trailer of versus XIII :)

scark921487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Nomura is quickly becoming one of my favorite gaming directors in gaming, Kingdom Hearts holds a special place in my heart and this games plot has got my hyped!
Nothing like a great story in a video game!

DarkOcelet1487d ago

Yeah and he makes some seriously excellent boss fights . Like Organisation 13 , Sephiroth , and Terra were an amazing surprise after finishing the game , i mean fighting 15 bosses after finish the game is ridiculously alot in which i hope KH3 and FFXV has .

scark921487d ago

Yeah ha! I never beat Sephoroth in KH2 and I do not think I ever will! xD

MRMagoo1231487d ago

The only boss that gave me a hard time in FF or KH games was ozma in ff9 , I still beat him but it took a few tries lol.

MegaRay1487d ago

Cant agree more! And I dont think you need more bubbles...

tigertron1487d ago

I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was PS4 footage. I mean, just look at Uncharted 4, that shows us what the PS4 is capable of.

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