Disgaea 5 is Fun, Zany, and Pretty, Dood [TGS Hands-On Preview] - PSLS

"The graphics took another step up. Even though these are sprites, they’re colorful, bright, and silky smooth. You don’t have to push hardware to the max to look fantastic, and Disgaea 5 proves that." - PSLS

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knifefight1542d ago

Hopefully this helps shift a few more PS4s in Japan. With this plus Final Fantasy Type-0 dropping in March, it looks like 2015 will pick it up for consoles in Japan.

Kurisu1542d ago

I think it will be the FFXV demo that pushes sales of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in Japan. Most who want to play it have probably already done so with the original game on PSP. But yeah, the more the merrier!

remixx1161542d ago

Well with persona 5, disgaea 5, dragon quest warriors, deep down, ys and ff type 0 im pretty sure they'll move a few consoles In japan.