Shuhei Yoshida Congratulated Phil Spencer Over Minecraft Acquisition

Push Square: "The console war may be painted as a fierce battleground on the web, but in reality, that’s not the case at all. We already know that Xbox chief Phil Spencer has a good relationship with many of PlayStation’s more popular executives – and that mutual respect runs both ways. In fact, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida was one of the biggest proponents of the suit when he was promoted – and also one of the first to congratulate him on the Minecraft acquisition."

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Torque_CS_Lewith1584d ago

If only the "fans" were as classy as the" suits".

get2sammyb1584d ago

I think most are, but it's just the vocal minority. It's clear that the 'console war' doesn't really exist at a business level, though - as you'd expect really.

Cueil1584d ago

I think it exist, but not on the level some would like to think. It's healthy competition and I think both guys want to do better then the other.

Army_of_Darkness1584d ago

I'm just glad Sony didn't acquire them cause that would have been such a waste of money on an ugly game when it could be put to better use on much more talented developers like Housemarque or Level-5....

But happy MS bought them :-D

3-4-51584d ago

It exists at a PR level...not above there.

Concertoine1584d ago

These companies are more concerned about making a profit than coming in any place. For example the Xbox outsold the Gamecube by 3 million, but lost way more money than the GC did. Im sure Nintendo preferred "third place" with meager profits to "second place" with financial failure.

Also although the 360 ended up third last gen, im sure MS considers it a success for halving sony's strangle hold of the market. Its just too bad they failed to continue that momentum once they launched the Kinect, we could be seeing a very different generation if that were the case.

TheEternalGamer1584d ago

it does exist at a business level. just look at what Sega did with their commercials to Nintendo consoles.

so yeah it does exist at a business level.

ramiuk11584d ago

of course it doesnt.
sony have won the war for now. in a year or 2 maybe thingswill heat up but for now they should be nice and speak with respect.

UltimateMaster1583d ago

Except Phil had almost nothing to do with the Minecraft deal. It's acquired by Microsoft and not Microsoft Gaming Studios. (The division where Phil is Head Honcho)

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DeadRabbits1584d ago

If you actually were a fly on the wall in the boardroom where these "SUITS" congregate you would need full BullShite Retardant Armour on as it floods from their mouths!!

scark921584d ago

"Fans" have nothing to lose, yet "Suits" have reputation... These people are from all ages sharing their free speech on the internet, its expected really :D

Zero-One1584d ago

Please. If the PS4 & Vita version WERE cancelled right then and there, I highly doubt he would've as respectful as he is now.

GamingSinceThe80s1584d ago

He better play nice if he wants Minecrart to exist on Sony platforms,now that MS owns it.If he came out and said "Dick move M$ FU"! they could take away the biggest game of a generation.

troylazlow1584d ago

Great MS and Sony are holding hands, can we move on now?

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Funantic11584d ago

Yoshida recognizes a good deal. I've never heard him congratulate any other time over an acquisition.

d_g1584d ago

“If they had said that they were going to end the PlayStation version with the purchase, that would have been terrible for us"

yes it is

scark921584d ago

Yoshida seems like such a friendly guy xD

I wonder if Sony will do something to compete with it, if there will be a Minecraft sequel, If it seems more advanced than Minecraft, it could be a problem for them.

WeAreLegion1584d ago

I think Sony should create a voxel based game with just as much freedom. Or buy the studio that did Fortresscraft. That's a good game! I spent so much time with it when I had a 360. That guy is currently working on Fortresscraft 2 for XBO/PS4/PC, but Sony should seriously consider looking into it.

scark921584d ago

Now that I think of it, even though there is little information on it, Tomorrow's Children seems like a good competitor!

Revengeance1584d ago

Sony's studios probably has the talent to possibly create something at the very least almost as good as Minecraft if not better. Phil has admitted MS does NOT have the talent to create a variety of games like Sony so he has to throw the ol' wallet around.

HappyWithOneBubble1584d ago

Of course he have to be congratulate him. If he said anything else otherwise MS would take MC away from PS and the fans will be upset.

I don't make millions and have to kiss butt so I'm not congratulating MS at all. $2.5b could go to building your own studios making new exclusive ips. Better yet $2.5b can help feed millions of kids that die from hunger yearly.

ramiuk11584d ago

gates foundation already gives millions to help others

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