Share the Fantasy in 3DS's Final Fantasy Explorers [TGS Hands-On] - GR

"At times, players can transform from their more common FF avatars into popular named characters such as Cloud and Squall, as well as other characters like Lightning." -GR

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knifefight1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I'd love to play this with friends. Games like this and Dragon's Crown are great stuff multiplayer.

3-4-51584d ago

Finally a Monster Hunter type game that might appeal to me.

Hopefully it's slightly less grindy than the MH games, and can ease people into that game type a bit better.

dbjj120881584d ago

More original FF on 3DS? I'll pay attention.

addictedtochaos1584d ago

Hopefully this gets a western release, would have been nice to see this on Wii U.

karlowma1584d ago

Looks great! Excited for this and Fantasy Life!