Metal Gear Solid 4 Preview

A more violent and brutal MGS game in which there's no break in the action let alone a place to hide.

He has the hacking cough of a chronic asthmatic, the leathery skin of a reptile, and the facial hair and hairstyle of an ageing '80s porn star, but Snake is still as sprightly as a stick-thin Russian gymnast in his latest big budget outing.

Snake's repertoire of moves has increased, he's got his new OctaCamo camouflage suit, and in general - going by what we've seen to date - it's a more violent and brutal game in which there's no break in the action let alone a place to hide. Barrels appear to have replaced cardboard boxes as Snake's preferred method of concealment. Enemies still don't seem to notice that the same barrel is no more than five feet away whenever they turn around, but just to be on the safe side Snake can turn a heavy barrel into a bowling ball and smash into enemies as if they're skittles. Strike!...

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NubreedLive4346d ago

Metal Gear for me is the best thing ever to happen since women... girls and MGS? what more can you want

FKN Unbelievable4346d ago

"series, characters are based on real people, "
Like Splinter Cell? Well in the Pic Shown the graphics look horrid for a PS3 game.

CardboardGun4346d ago

Are you seriously sure you pushed the right link? Cause those pics look really good, considering they are from quite early code, if we are to believe that the game sees it's release around the end of 2007. That's a looong while for Kojima and his programming wizard friends to fix whatever framerate hick-up or graphic flaw there is. They haven't really disappointed their fans as of yet, and there are some quite clear indications to the fact that they probably won't this time either. Me, as a lot of other people, are really looking forward to this game, so you can just keep your ol' Sammy, mate:D. I know Splinter Cell is the easiest comparison to MGS, but please - why do we ALWAYS have to put it up against it? Really, why? They are quite different experiences, with totally different atmospheres, if you ask me. And it's the atmosphere that makes me wanna have more of whatever Kojima's cooking, not just the fact that it's a tactical espionage game.

Lex Luthor4344d ago

I love MGS especially 1 and 3 but the graphics look terrible.

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