ForteanTimes review : Alone in the dark

Very positive review of Alone in the dark by a mag focused on the world of strange phenomena.


There is a telling moment very early on in Alone in the Dark when you realise you are in for something special. Lulled into thinking it just another survival horror rerun down pokey linear corridors, suddenly an in-game cutaway opens out upon the breathtaking expanse of Central Park by night...
It’s any self-respecting acrophobe’s nightmare: as you gaze out, teetering vertiginously on the brink, an unearthly stillness and quiet ling ers across the park and over what is usually one of the nosiest and most frenetic cities in the world.
Meticulously detailed, chock-full of sinister atmosphere and gorgeous to look at, it is developer Eden’s statement of intent that you are going to play not just a good game but a great one.

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