RIP: Journalistic Integrity- Dead Due to PR Collusion

News anchors and gaming journalists take it one step further, after working in the industry for a while, they reveal the sometimes tenuous relationship games journalists have with the sometimes loved (often dreaded) PR reps- Ubisoft, EA in particular.

The difficult dance between representing the economic interests of your product and trying to determine who the most proficient are at delivering the message YOU want to send!

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nippletwister1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Journalistic integrity is easy to identify when it is crap and when it is good journalism:
1. If their articles contain words, or read, like "opinion" , "editorial", "blog" and such, avoid. They are not good journalism.
2. If the articles use personal pronouns, avoid. That's not good journalism.
3. If subjective opinions and political/cultural/social justice crap are involved
in an article that should be an objective overview (and comparison based upon an established standard, which enforces objectivity) of graphics, gameplay mechanics, sound and how it is used, how much and what it copy pastes from current trends and how it does it, how much it innovates or revives in a fresh/niche manner, story in the manner of how consistent it is and how action/reaction/branching/etc. work for it (rather than whether you find the story itself and its ideas good because this is not objective analysis, this is now subjective crappage). Avoid. Shitty journalism.

Journalism 101: No social justice crap, opinions reduced to null or near that level (whereby subjective opinions are emphasized as opinions) and not having an influence on what should be a score based on objective overview.
No blog crap.

kingdip901488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Cultural misogyny would imply that women are hated or at least strongly disliked by the culture as a whole.

Personally I love women.

A feminist is someone who believes in equality, not someone who looks at things purely from a female perspective.

Saying that the females portrayed in video games is not in that respect a feminist issue since men are also portrayed in an Unrealistic, obtuse, 2 dimensional and over sexualized way.

Both genders are poorly and unfairly portrayed which means it's equal discrimination. Feminists need not apply their opinion to the issue. The *faux feminists* (being the ones who look at media believing only women are poorly portrayed) do little more than victimize their own gender by creating a "awww poor women" rhetoric spouted by those who buy into thay stuff.

The issue is that people are poorly portrayed in all media. ALL people. This is a social issue that needs to be addressed not a feminist one.

Massacred1488d ago

I very strongly believe that there no one (very few) actually hate women, so I'm not really sure why anyone would keep using it.

kingdip901488d ago

I feel that the women who use such words put there own gender in a "victim" position in the minds of the reader. Once the emotional hook is planted the reader is more open to whatever the core message may be.

It's emotional blackmail. Support our ideals or be seen as a women hater.

Godmars2901488d ago

I can't cannot accept these guys as news source regarding gamergate. While they spend most of this podcast talking the basic rules of social etiquette which tend to get ignored online, they blow off the Quinn incident as well as accusations of journalist collusion. For what little time they do talk about the collusion, they approach it as if its general, rather than a small group of high profile connected with the indie game scene.

You have to look at Quinn and her history to understand the accusations, but theses guys refuse to do that as they condemn the other side. Dismiss them.

Godmars2901488d ago

Yeah. I if you're trying to "argue" against the death of journalism yet not doing any investigating, not only taking a side but unbiasedly taking a side regardless of how you present it, haven't you only proven the counter-argument? That journalism or news, as provided by you, is indeed dead.

Really, the only left is either for you to be scratching your head as to why you're out of a job, or wonder why among the popular news circuits you're considered to be interchangeable with any other reporter or news show. Not that you'd likely realize the latter.

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