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"Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors. It was obviously going to raise a few sceptical eyebrows. Not everyone's keen on the Dynasty Warriors series. There's a lot of misinformation such as "you just go around pressing one button and kill loads of dudes". You definitely press at LEAST two. Storming the battlefield as feudal warriors, or Gundams, or overpowered gods, or Luffy the stretchy pirate from One Piece, it's not for everyone. Decimating thousands of foes, unleashing super-powered attacks, dashing back and forth between objectives, suddenly encountering Lu But. Sure, you can pass on that, right? Wait, why? It sounds awesome. And it is. I've always thought so, anyway. "

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randomass1711487d ago

A perfect score any no one comments? Why is there only ever discussion on the mixed or negative reviews? Silly. :/

Sly-Lupin1487d ago

Hitbaiting wouldn't be a thing if it didn't work. Negativity will always see greater effect than positivity, as you can plainly see in every election, ever.

Gamer19821486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Hmm be interesting what people think of this review as its a newspaper and the last article i red on here was the metro giving destiny a low score and they got ripped for it saying they aren't even a real reviewer as they are a newspaper. Bet because this is Nintendo and a Zelda game however Nintendo fans will be like "this is a totally legit score" even though metacritic is 7.4. If you don't like dynasty warriors then you wont like this game no matter how much you like zelda. Thankfully I love DW series :). They always get around 7-8 scores.

randomass1711486d ago

That's pretty much the gist. It's Dynasty Warriors with lots of Zelda fanservice and elements. Fans of both will love it of course. Destiny I feel has been getting a mixed reception but everyone only focuses on the negative reviews. It's very disappointing.

ZeekQuattro1487d ago

I was sold on the game the moment I saw the trailer. Short work day Friday then Hyrule Warriors marathon.

Sly-Lupin1487d ago

I envy you. I got mine via cause I had store credit to use up; I won't get a chance to play it until October.

ZeekQuattro1487d ago

Bummer but I'm sure you'll enjoy it that much more when you do get the chance to play it plus the free DLC will be implemented by then.

nosferatuzodd1487d ago

Sweet now I can pick this up and cool
The zelda hunger thats burning the bottom of my stomach from the other day

crusf1487d ago

Ironic how everyone was bashing Nintendo these past couple of years for the WiiU. Now it seems they are the only company giving us great games with high ratings this year.

weekev151486d ago

Yep and with a tenth of the hype. They just kind of show up and go hiiiiiiii forget about watch dogs/destiny. Im here now, you want a hug?