Microsoft DirectX 11.3 Revealed – The Feature Set of DX12 Minus the CPU Overhead Reduction

Microsoft has revealed its new iteration API called DirectX 11.3. Interestingly it appears to be the feature set of DX12 minus the overhead reduction.

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Kayant1490d ago

Now the question is if both with be locked to Windows 9.

Genova841489d ago

Everything points to at least no support for Windows 7. DX12 is going to be bundled with Windows 9, so I heard. No matter what, I must have DX12 and will get Windows 9 if that's what I need to do.

Kayant1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

That would make sense although I have a hard time believing there will be support for Win 7 when it doesn't have DX11.2. Although if they want devs to support dx12 more then it would only make sense to have DX11.3 supported from at least Win 7 because of the userbase.

donthate1489d ago

DirectX 11.x has been supported on older OS, so I expect version 11.3 will also.

In regards to DirectX 12, it is unclear, but maybe they will support Windows 8.1 upwards? It also depends on when Windows 9 is to be released.

aLiEnViSiToR1489d ago

I really doubt they will lock DX12 for most popular OS i mean just look at what happened with Win Vista and DX10...

Codey471489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Tell that to still wont stop them.

Yetter1488d ago

Sure windows 7 is great and is easily MS most popular OS but you must understand that it costs a fortune to continue supporting 2 or 3 OS's while working on a new one. At some point they have to get people to move on

aliengmr1488d ago

As was said, it might be, but there is a rumor that Windows 9 is going to be pretty cheap.

starchild1488d ago

I'm sure I'll upgrade to Windows 9 anyway so it doesn't matter much to me if it's exclusive to that OS. However, for devs to really want to use the new features they need to know that there is a sizable base of people out there that can take advantage of the features.

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Eonjay1489d ago

This seems terribly redundant if they are both releasing in late 2015. And they both support older GPUs. Looks like it will be easy for developers to support both, but why have 2 APIs anyway?

Volkama1489d ago

There are advantages to a higher level API that does more of the work for you.

Kayant1489d ago

"but why have 2 APIs anyway?" - One does some housekeeping and allows devs that are not comfortable with doing all the work themselves to have the same new features as the "code to the metal version" and the other one allows devs that are comfortable to go in deep.

Both support the same features set but one is "code to the metal" the other isn't.

"And they both support older GPUs" - iirc I think some features require hardware support as well.

kingduqc1488d ago

It's to introduce new features before so games get to use it a whole year ahead.

Arkardo1489d ago

Wtf? Another windows already? Why not optimize windows 8 instead of launching another iteration full of bugs and incompatibility with several programs?

I really don't get it, do a proper update and include this S***!

aviator1891489d ago

Because the reputation of windows 8 has been tarnished. No matter how much they improve that os, most people will stay away from it because of the general dislike for windows 8. Hence, they're starting clean with windows 9.

btk1489d ago

Windows XP -> Windows 7 -> Windows 9
Skip Vista and 8

jmc88881487d ago

It goes beyond that.

95 good, 98 sucked, 98 Second edition good, Me Sucked.

PCBOX1489d ago

It has been already confirmed that the XO will have full DX12 support so that means:confirmed that the XO's GPU is a truly next gen GPU.

Great days await.The devs will be porting games easily from PC to XO from XO to PC.Which means many upcoming games with the release of DX12 will be developed on XO because two platforms using the same API imo.

hello121489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Actually PC box is right Microsoft hasn't full explained how the x box 1 can use full directx12 and all its unique features yet. Phil Spencer said full directx12 is coming to x box 1

Nivida confirmed last year while some dx12 features can be used with the current directx11 GPU's, some of the newer features of directx12 will require "new"hardware.

So we have a problem right there and it hasn't been explained at all yet.

Why are they releasing directx11.3 because some devs don't require lower level access they prefer higher access. Directx11.3 improves on that. Its better than directx11.2

Directx12 a new code will be required.

FITgamer1489d ago

Phil Spencer also said not to expect any major improvements on the Xbox One, but you and the rest of misterx crew just ignore that.

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