A Bad Year for Games

"I don’t mean to be hyperbolic with the title of the article, in many ways 2014 has been a great year for games. Especially if your games are titled Shovel Knight or Divinity: Original Sin. But see, that’s kind of the problem I have with this year. Aside from the two indie darlings of the summer — like them or not, it’s dumb to say that both games haven’t enjoy ravenous success and been highly regarded by critics and fans alike. If you don’t like them that’s fine, but even I, who thought Divinity was just good — God forbid — have to admit the impressive success both titles have garnered. You might be able to shove the January’s release of the Banner Saga into this conversation. I, personally, loved the game and it seems to have developed a following, but I don’t think it’s been quite as well received as the aforementioned games."

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SpiralTear1489d ago

The year's not over yet. Lots more games are on the way. Don't jump the gun.

nX1488d ago

Still we know all releases for this year and they don't even come close to the 2015 ones. Too many really interesting titles have been pushed out of 2014.

Baccra171488d ago

That's why I decided to wait a year to get PS4. In all honesty both PS4 and Xbone should have been held back, because they both were rushed out without all their features and very little game wise worth playing. 2015 is definitely going to be a better year.

nX1488d ago

I have a Wii U and a high end PC but aside from Dead Rising 3 I play on my PS4 most of the time. Can't waut for smash Bros. though =)

Illusive_Man1488d ago

Perhaps on PS4 but not Xbox One. We have a ton of great high quality games coming out in the next few days and all through out this fall 2014.

2015 also looks good for Xbox One gamers.

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Kilo_Brown1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Honestly I think I have enjoyed this year! I guess it is really subjective. Seriously though, people need to move on about 'Destiny' (regardless of your like or dislike). I'm sure next year people will have a new game to argue over....or maybe later this year.

Shadonic1488d ago

more like the next few months, overhype has been the big theme this year with the consoles and everything.

Geekman1488d ago

Saw some people already talking about Evolve. This is why I stay on Nintendo boards. Arguing over whether or not Ridleys too big is far better than trying to convince someone who hasn't played *insert overhyped game here* that it's good.

colt-of-tipton1488d ago

I unfortunately have to agree, looking back I think its the been the worst year for at least 3-4 years. I think titanfall is still the most fun ive had this year, but 2015 looks hell of a lot better !

Inception1488d ago

Don't know for other people but this year is one of the best year for me. Lots of exciting gaming news from Bloodborne, Wild, Tomorrow Children, Persona 5, Tales of Zestiria, new Ys, new Zelda, Fatal Frame 5, Silent Hills, Phantom Pain looks awesome, etc.

I also played a lot of great games such as Bravely Default, Tales of Xillia 2, Deception 4, Drakengard 3, SMT IV, Danganronpa, Strider, etc. But there still 3 months left where i need to play games like Alien Isolation, Evil Within, Freedom Wars, Guilty Gear Xrd, etc. Hopefully my wallet can survive because i need to buy other stuff too >.<

Artista 1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I wonder who's responsible for that. . certainly not developers or gamers.

There are so many great games, majority of us can't keep up.

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