Overcompensating: Testosterone Infused Games

Game publishers know that the "mentally 12 to 15" demographic is a source of revenue that's growing by the minute; you only have to look at the increase in professional wrestling popularity and backwoods ATV accidents to know that this information is indeed true. And it goes without saying that video games are a vital way to tap into the minds and wallets of these man-children.

However, this is easier said than done, as one present emotion, hint of subtlety, or moment of silence can spell doom for any game that falls within the dominion of the hyper-masculine. But the industry needn't fear; through hours of research, study, push-up contests, and pounding discount beers on the frat house porches, 1Up have created what can only be called a field guide for the hyper-masculine game -- perfect for spotting one in the wild, or using the contained information to manipulate hundreds of thousands of consumers into a possible purchase.

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