First footage from United Front Games’ Triad Wars

United Front Games has posted the first footage from Triad Wars, their upcoming PC online third-person action game set in the same universe as Sleeping Dogs.

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Whatsupdog1582d ago

Alas..was looking forward to a story-focused experience like Sleeping Dogs :-(

Fizzler1582d ago

They're no doubt also working on a sequel to Sleeping Dogs, the graphics in this look no different than to what they looked like in the original game and on top of that if it's online only then it wouldn't take them 2+ years to develop.

Rickgrimes951582d ago

I respect your optimism but I thought this was it. Was any one who bought the first game asking for this? I wanted sleeping dogs 2 fun combat, great visuals, and a good story

KnightRobby1582d ago

Anyone know the platforms for this game btw? Looks like the combat is still there at least.

Fizzler1582d ago

It's PC only apparently.

KnightRobby1582d ago

Oh...well that just sucks.

Alex_Boro1582d ago

Looks like an iPad F2P game. Hype level went way down. Where's our true Sleeping Dogs sequel?

CocoWolfie1582d ago

yeah.. it could be beta but i think theres too much hud(?) and i dont remember the original having an on screen propt for xp from kills :/

placiid1582d ago

Square enix you fucked up.

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The story is too old to be commented.