TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition - Xbox one - Unboxing - First Impressions

An unboxing and first impressions of the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition racing wheel for the PC and Xbox One. Also compared to my current setup with the G27 and playseat. -

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Foehammer1584d ago

Really enjoy racing with a wheel vs a controller

I've noticed that the TX doesn't like to be plugged in to the USB on the X1 on start-up. Plug the USB in after you start the X1.

Angerfist1584d ago

I have the wheel since yesterday and it's a bitch to get to work really. Once you have it working and drive Nordschleife on FM5 all is forgiven. I hope Microsoft makes it easier for the Box to recognise the wheel.

n1kki61584d ago

I just had ore issues today. I updated the firmware, and everything is awesome when its working, but every couple races or so it goes wonky. Pedals stop working, buttons start doing other things. I back out and restart and it's fine. Seems like the firmware with the XB1 has some bugs. Kind of disappointing.

n1kki61584d ago

I noticed that today too. overall I'm pretty impressed so far I'm curious to see how the PlayStation 4 wheel drive I will probably pick that up sometime towards the end of October

Angerfist1584d ago

The PS4 Wheel has no FFB.... So if you are serious about it wait for one with FFB.

BootyBandit1584d ago

Thrustmaster has a T300 wheel for the PS4. It's the same wheel base as the TX 458. The only difference is the wheel itself and the PS4 wheel has 1080 degrees of rotation vs 900 for the TX 458 / X1 wheel.

I have the TX 458 but I'm passing on the T300. I'm waiting on an invite from Fanatec to get their new CSW V2. It will have PS4 and X1 compatibility. When I get my hands on that I can sell off my TX 458 and have one wheel that rules them all.

Angerfist1583d ago

@BootyBandit Oh that's a new one. But still to much money. I spent 250 on the TX, that's reasonable if it lasts me 5 years.

I'm not too sure about a all in one wheel, they all start to talk about security chips in the Hardware so we need to know if you can have one for the One and PS4 in your system.

n1kki61584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

THe T300RS does. It will retail for $399 in the states.

Foehammer1584d ago

Probably the same wheel, same price.

n1kki61584d ago

It's probably the same base, but the rim looks to be alot nicer. They can be swapped out from base to base, but the XB1 rim is all plastic and does feel super cheap.

Kingdomcome2471584d ago

What does a setup like that seat/wheel combo in background run? If you're really into racing games and have the money that seems pretty cool.

BootyBandit1584d ago

Around $1k for a Playseat and the TX 458 combo.

Kingdomcome2471583d ago

Wow... hey if you have the money.

BootyBandit1583d ago

If you do have the money there really isn't anything like it. I have a rig. I had a friend turn me on to using a wheel nearly a decade ago and I was instantly hooked. Now my entire gaming room is built around racing. The Playseat was my first rig. I have since moved on to much more expensive gear.