Black Tusk Studios’ Developers Invite Community to Participate in A Gears of War 3 Session

Black Tusk Studios has reached out to the gaming community and extended an invitation for players to participate in a Gears of War 3 session with developers from the company.

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Foehammer1582d ago

Very encouraging to see the developer taking cues from the fan base.

Well done.

christocolus1582d ago

True. Its something 343i is doing too. Both studios want to deliver the very best.

CerealKiller1582d ago

Too bad I'm no longer a XBL Gold member.

Hendrickson1582d ago

Yep same here, yet yet they still charged my CC.

Kayant1582d ago

Am so there... Gears of war 3 for life :)

Revolt131581d ago

Anything gears, I'm in :)

beereal3601581d ago

Love Gears. Want to make it better get rid of the shotguns

Funantic11581d ago

Nah without the shotguns it wouldn't be the same. You just got to stay out of range.

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