CVG - Video preview: Bayonetta 2 contends for game of the year status

Returning briefly from the wilderness like an exiled Jack Bauer ready to save the day, Tamoor Hussain has been playing Bayonetta 2 for CVG and shares his impressions in a new video preview.

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ritsuka6661542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Same for me. It's the reason I bought a Wii U. That it's coming with Bayonetta 1 just makes it all the sweeter. There's nothing else out or upcoming that will surpass this game in 2014.

Metallox1542d ago

I'm going to say the same, Bayonetta 2 looks more exciting than the original in every way, and that was a masterpiece for me.

MSBAUSTX1541d ago

While Bayonetta 2 looks amazing and is going to be hugely successful to say nothing will surpass it is going a bit far. I am a big time Nintendo supporter and yes this game is going to be a hit but i do not think it will surpass Smash U, or Master Chief Collection. It will do really well and maybe get close to those two but time will tell whether or not it can surpass those two games. I will not be disappointed at all if it does, I just dont think it will.

Roccetarius1541d ago

Why would a collection of games be contending for it? It's just old games being re-released, but with improvements.

If it does happen, then that's just another sad thing for gaming.

MSBAUSTX1541d ago

Um ok. Might want to pay attention to the hype trains a little more. Like I said earlier. Time will tell but this game is IMO not going to surpass "ALL" other games this year. It will do well but it will no be king. It wont even sell as much as Mario Kart has I am predicting. But that doesnt mean it wont be largely successful.

theshredded1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

With no competition at all in 2014,this is a definite contender
2014 is a shallow year so far except for Wii U owners

DC7771541d ago

Yep nothing in contention yet that has not been on Wii U strangely enough. It has the highest rated games so far.

Thrillho1541d ago

Got my copy preordered and paid in full. I trust Platinum Games to make a AAA quality game like always and don't do a Bungie.