IGN: Destroying Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

The combat in Brothers in Arms has always been some of the most intense in the virtual realm. Getting behind cover, suppressing the enemy and ordering your men into strategic positions while occasionally utilizing friendly pieces of armor to really bring the hurt have all come together in the first two BiA titles (Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood) to form a fully-realized World War II experience.

Now the series is making its first trip onto the current crop of consoles with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and brings with it the feature of destructible environments to bring the world to life -- hopefully -- like never before.

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TiKiMaN13775d ago

I'm really looking foward to this game! Awesome video about the destructable cover.

crazyjetwolv3775d ago

I like the colorful graphics, although it looks a bit cartoonish it makes everything in the environment more distinguishable like in real life as opposed to the dull blended look most FPS's have