Ask Riley Ep 2: Who Could Beat Up Your Daddy?

In the second episode of this series a gamer dad asks his 5 year old daughter a question on video games submitted by readers and finds out what game character could beat him up.

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rizzardcore1493d ago

This is pretty much the cutest thing happening in gaming today. Modern parents who grew up with games are raising their kids to be awesome!

derikmoore1493d ago

This video is DAAAAAWWW concentrate.

LumpztheClown1493d ago

Riley RULES! Not much beats a cute kid just letting her gamer colors fly! :-)

rizzardcore1493d ago

hahaha, seriously! What a great answer she gave, and I won't spoil it here, but I totally agree with her logic there!

Muzikguy1492d ago

I just clicked because I loved that MK game!