For Indie Games, the Struggle Continues after Release

Gaming Illustrated: "'Indie' has recently been added to the unwritten list of the rudest words in video games, as the term usually refers to a low budget title with the sort of graphics that even a mid-1990s PC could run. The term is synonymous with audio that probably doesn’t involve the London Philharmonic Orchestra (and those guys will play just about anything for cash) or composer John Williams.

What you will find, though, is a central quirky game mechanic, which plays with the tropes of the genre. The artwork is usually low-fi, or even deliberately evocative of early Amiga era pixel-art. It seems unnecessary to point out, but this may be because the small team of barely paid enthusiasts who made the game are not backed by a studio with tons of cash."

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DigitalRaptor1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

With the lines blurring on indie-developed and AAA games, it's going to be more difficult for people to hate on indie development. The kind of games I'm talking about:

- Kingdom Come: Deliverance
- Dreamfall Chapters
- The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
- Hellblade
- The Tomorrow Children
- The Long Dark
- Life Is Strange
- Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
- WiLD
- Outlast
- Volume
- The Witness
- No Man's Sky
- RiME
- and basically every game made by Thatgamecompany, Double Fine, Housemarque and Telltale Games.

Indie can be defined by a budget, but doesn't mean that restrictions lie with the talent or the vision or even the ambition of the games they make.

nippletwister1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Evochron Mercenary is made by an independent dev, made up of one single guy.
Now for those who Google Evochron Mercenary, let this be a reminder what proper talent is and what ONE MAN is capable of.

Indie simply means independent from Publisher clutches. Anyone arguing "Indie is automatically bad" is also by extension supporting EA and EA's policy of gathering up developers, forcing cancerous business practices and philosophies on them, and ruining them in both the short-term and long-term.

At least with Valve and Steam, as well as CDProjekt and GoG, replacing publishers in the distribution and marketing departments [and with Steam's quality control] in addition to donation systems and kick-starter while giving full self-government independence in all other areas,
albeit not perfect by a long margin,
is still better than Publishers because it gives developers an independence from having foreign policies, staff changes, philosophies, economic theories, etc. forced upon them as Publishers do which ruins the soul and the freedom of the devs.

Some might argue that a Publisher forcing devs to meet with deadlines and quality is a good thing, and it is, but the same can be accomplished by the community and how it uses its wallet as a support/protest tool and Steam's quality control and such, and it is nothing compared to what is sacrificed under publisher chains. We are at early stages but the general gaming community has learned some skepticism after the chaotic start and knows what standards to seek to filter the scamer devs from trusty ones and the shit from the good based on what material evidence is presented.

The point being, Publishers are obsolete. The Internet has advanced in ways that most of the services developers had to depend on 10 years ago (which Publishers provided) can now be gained and utilized without Publishers but independently. From marketing to distribution to mass donations and viraling through social media.

It's the same story as the music industry and the pulishers/3rd parties who only ruin artists and musicians and scam them out of money more than any pirate could,
attempting to put a mental label that everything independent is "shit".

OhMyGandhi1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

"Indie" is considered one of the rudest words in gaming?
news to me.

Clown_Syndr0me1487d ago

People always think 2d platform-style/retro games when they hear indie. Those people should be more open minded, look at Outlast for example. I think that may of been one of my first experiences of an indie title.

spacedelete1487d ago

i hate indie developers. once they get a hit and loads of money just like Phil Fish and now Notch and then quit and insult the people who made them rich in the first place. i'm not supporting people like that.

DigitalRaptor1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Your hate on indie games and the developers behind them has no substance. You have nothing.

Notch did nothing to insult any of the people who are fans of his game.

Try harder to put a blanket on all indie devs when they ones you claim to hate are literally one in a thousand or probably more. You are the prime example of the closed-minded people who Clown_Syndr0me was talking about, except you're far, far worse.

Go on.. Provide me some more key examples of ALL those indie devs that got a hit and loads of money and then quit and insulted the people who made them rich in the first place. I'll be waiting…

eaceo1486d ago

Interesting take, although I don't agree with it