Minecraft: A Future-Proof Game

Hardcore Gamer: If you’d said back in 2009 that this blocky first-person adventure game called Minecraft would become one of the most successful games ever made, you might get some awkward stares from a lot of people on your lunch break. Minecraft is not a technical powerhouse and its mechanics are incredibly simple, but it’s become one of the defining games of the last generation. But will Minecraft ever reach a point where a sequel is necessary? Is Minecraft 2 a possibility? The easiest answer to both questions is this: Minecraft doesn’t need a sequel, and it never will.

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ValKilmer1490d ago

Just like Angry Birds.

...remember them?

mixelon1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

To be fair, the public alpha of Minecraft was released in 2009, the same year as angry birds was released. Which has more momentum now?

You don't see thousands upon thousands of people youtubing and livestreaming angry birds. Angry birds isn't used in schools.

They're hardly comparable. One is a quick fix casual game. Minecraft is a whole different kettle of fish.

sobotz1489d ago

Don't compare Minecraft to that game. Minecraft's gameplay potential can be extend much further. Not mention there's gonna be a standalone mod based on the game itself.

GundalfDeGrej1490d ago

I think Microsoft will make a Minecraft 2 at some point. It's completely unnecessary on PC thanks to mods but it's a different story on consoles. They'll probably copy some mods, put it all in one package and add a "2" or "definitive edition" to the end.

Illusive_Man1490d ago

Microsoft will make a ton of money on Minecraft and merchandise

SolidDuck1489d ago

Minecraft is great for what it is. But there will be a new minecraft eventually. Maybe no mans sky. Maybe project spark. Maybe the tommorrow children. Most likely something that hasn't been announced yet, I think minecraft is at it's peak, and something else will take it's place.

BBBQ_BYOBB1489d ago

There will be something that comes along that will look and play better(not hard to do), but will be fundamentally the same thing and people will move on. No game is "future-proof".

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