New WWE 2K15 details mention blood, diva cleavage, provocative gestures and weapons

New details for WWE 2k15 mention blood, diva cleavage, provocative gestures and weapons.

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_FantasmA_1492d ago

inb4 Sessler misandrist douchebag apologists.

AgentSmithPS41492d ago

Lol, I think Sessler is that guy that looks like a caveman. I was glad to read about the boobs and buttocks shaking in the game, it's going slowly but it's about time the sexiness etc catches up to the violence.

Don't worry folks, after they play this game people won't be running around smothering people to death with their boobs. And as always don't expect video games to raise your kids for you.

TenBensons1491d ago

Misandrist's? Nah mate. They just don't like dickheads.

roadkillers1492d ago

“exaggerated-size breasts”

Doubtful. Girls have some big knockers. Excluding AJ and Paige, surprised there is no "Exaggerated-size butt".

girlwithturn1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

MY GOSH! They finally come to Smackown 2/SvsR 2006 perfection. To bad it takes 6 years. And don't tell me about PG rating irl.