The Player That Destiny Forgot

Paul's overriding experience with Destiny has been one of isolation, exclusion and, if he's honest, a little bit of loneliness.

Which isn’t how it was meant to be…

Released for consoles both previous and current-gen this month, Destiny arrived on the crest of an enormous wave of hype and excitement. The big post-Halo release from the heralded Bungie studio, Destiny was touted as the next evolution in online shooters.
The premise was that the developers had melded traditional shooter mechanics with character progression and storyline systems more commonly associated with MMO titles, creating a game the likes of which we had never seen before.

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egidem1491d ago

I enjoyed reading this.

3-4-51490d ago

I've played 95% solo and for the most part have had a really good time.

I've reached my "Burnt out" stage or have hit my first "wall", with the game though.

I still play some PvP every day, but just patrolling or doing strikes is boring me very quickly.

I'd still give this game a 8.5-9/10 for what it is.

It got a lot of small details right, but yea I'm wishing there was a bit more variety to do.

I know it's not a MMO, but it really makes you appreciate how much Blizzard was able to keep people busy in WoW for over 10 years.

WeAreLegion1491d ago

I wanted to be a lone wolf in this game, but it gets a little mundane doing the same things over and over. I was hoping for more randomly generated events and enemies.

JamesBondage1491d ago

and more areas to explore, like ALL the planets and multiple locations on each, i was really disappointed to find out there would be only 5 including the moon with only 1 location on each.

medman1490d ago

Unfortunately we knew compromises would have to be made considering the game was designed to run on ps3/360, and limited map size and worlds are included in the list of compromises, unfortunately.

SouljAx3601491d ago

This article had reminded me to search if it's possible to hook up with random people that are doing the same mission. But I guess that isn't possible. All my friends are level 20+ except for one but I don't play that much so he'll beat me to level 20 too.
Maybe it's something they could add to the game if enough people ask for it. Random parties are great for people who don't play that much.

fei-hung1491d ago

Bungie forums are a great place to start. Me and my friends were thinking of creating a thread with requests of things we would like to see in a free update.

n4rc1491d ago

I'd like to see them add matchmaking to all game modes... Who cares if randoms will get crushed in the raid? Let people try and at least have a chance..

A social game shouldn't have to rely on randomly messaging strangers hoping for a team.. Or assume everyone has 5 friends with the game

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