Zootfly Ghostbusters footage helped sell concept

Gain Odgens: "Cast your minds back to when you saw that first footage of what was reported to be a brand new Ghostbusters game. It looked good but wasn't to be as the developer, Zootfly, didn't hold any rights to the license and had to can it in the end.

Early tech demos were removed at the request of Sony Pictures and all references to the game were removed from the company's website while negotiations over the rights continued behind closed doors. As it turned out Terminal Reality and Sierra were in those talks.

OXM asked Mark Randel, president of Terminal Reality, about the test footage released early last year. "They had no knowledge - we were already working on the game six to nine months at that time, and the license was either signed or about to be signed. "

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GiantEnemyCrab3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

and Zootfly's version looked a lot better than what Terminal Reality is doing now. Also, Zootfly are talented enough devs that they could actually exploit the power of the 360(the test footage shown was on a 360) and Terminal Reality had to whine like amatures about how they had to reduce the number of objects on screen due to the 360. Early previews are already sounding like the game will not be AAA and will be another multiplatform title that sells like crap and is forgotten about in a week.

I know have all my attention on TimeO.