GamesBeat: Don’t toy with us, Disney: Infinity 2.0 hits some high notes — and your wallet (review)

This one has the potential to have some staying power in your living room, as long you don’t mind coughing up some money to feed the beast.

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ColManischewitz1543d ago

I thought I would want every figure, but I got fatigue halfway through collecting the first set of Disney Infinity.

darkronin2291543d ago

Big fan of Marvel, and the toys look great, but I don't have the kind of $$$ to collect them all. Think I'd rather spend that on more games.

midnightambler1543d ago

These toy games are just about the $$$. Thankfully, my kids are smart enough to realise that themselves.

WeAreLegion1543d ago

I love Disney Infinity. I don't love how much all the content costs. Just give us the freaking content. You already made it. Just release it with the game. No way am I buying this one.

TheShrew1543d ago

Doesn't shock me that this is a money trap. But then again, so are virtually all products marketed to children.