Episodic Games Are the Double-Edged Sword of Gaming

CCC Says: "With the announcement that the new Silent Hills may be released in an episode format, it seems as though episodic chapters are the newest craze in the video gaming world. Well, craze may not be the right word for it. It’s more like a necessity for some. But will it eventually be abused?

The guys at Telltale have frequently told us that making their games episodic helps them increase the production quality. They can change the way that episodes work based on the response that previous episodes got. This allows them to fine tune the gameplay experience episode by episode."

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TekKing1514d ago

So Kojima is just making some spin-off Silent Hill"s" game. When can we get a REAL Silent Hill game?

BuLLDoG9091514d ago

Their only thinking about doing it in EP format right now, lets hope they decide to go the normal route, specially for a game like SilentHill... And remember how much konami priced the MGS-GZ demo. I wonder how much they would price each EP compared to buying a full fledged game.

Summons751514d ago

Episodic games don't work for horror. Nothing will be worse than finally getting into the game, it building up to a huge scare or plot point, and then it cut to "to be continued"....way to blow immersion.

Soldierone1514d ago

It'd be a goody thing if publishers were not involved. Give a creative team this power, episodes would be amazing. You could get a much longer game for 60 dollar game.

Get publishers involved and it'd basically be a 3 hour game broken up into 15 parts all costing 25 dollars each, or a season pass for 100 bucks....

XXXL1514d ago

I can imagine EA going this route. Buy Madden and each episode will unlock a new team! Buy 32 episodes and you have all the teams! No F-ing thanks. I want full game disc release.

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