Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars is a ‘PC online game,’ reveal Monday

United Front Games will reveal all about Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars next Monday, but don’t expect a full, open-world sequel. A twitter post from the developer confirms the reveal time, but also calls Triad Wars a ‘PC online game.’

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DarkOcelet1488d ago

Wtf!!! We get an online game only instead of a full blown sequel and you say ok ?!!!

equal_youth1488d ago

Maybe it will be one of these f2p browser games. So we can easily skip it. I Dont think SE would let this series go when they are about to release a remasters. Seams more like they prepare to milk the franchise.

camel_toad1488d ago

It makes me sad its not a sp sequel but on the other it could potentially be a good apb. Man that game was a letdown.

Forbidden_Darkness1488d ago

While I'm sure it'll eventually come to console as well, it's pretty disappointing that it's a seemingly free to play online only game, instead of a story driven single player experience like the first one was. I'll still try it out if it looks interesting at least. Here's to goping we get a sequel this gen

hiptanaka1488d ago

Way to destroy a promising franchise, Square Enix.

Fizzler1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

It's like Square Enix and Capcom had bets on at the start of the last generation to see which one could butcher the most franchises within a set number of years.

PR_FROM_OHIO1488d ago

Wait WTF?? This can't be true

Rask1488d ago

That's lame, I was really looking forward for this game. Droped.

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The story is too old to be commented.