Hyrule Warriors Review: Hidden Triforce

Hyrule Warriors is a fully enjoyable hack-and-slash with a lot of Zelda fanfare. While Hyrule Warriors does not push the limits, it does offer a great gaming experience.

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bcornett141489d ago

Was the sound quality bad or was the reviewer not into the death metal take?

LegendZelda1489d ago

Not so much death metal...just very rock themed. I thought it was off putting. Nintendo also did that approach in the latest Mario Kart game.

VaneVandal1489d ago

I thought the same thing when I saw one of the first previews when Link opens the treasure chest and the treasure theme was just a bunch of heavy guitars. It was a little off-putting. I'm sad to see that the story mode isn't that long. :( Still can't wait to play though!

jayzablade1488d ago

I'm sat playing it now mate (having a quick smoke and Dew break...gonna be a long night...01:05 here in the UK) and first thoughts are it's good, apart from the combos seeming a bit random at times and the incessant button mashing I'm thoroughly enjoying it...I have it on my surround sound and the soundtrack is great! I've always been a bit of a metal fan anyway so it has an appeal but I can understand it won't be for everyone!
Good game, well worth £35 in my opinion!!

LegendZelda1486d ago

Very much worth the asking price. Plus they are releasing a ton of dlc which will add to its value

jayzablade1484d ago

I know, can't wait for that....i've just completed the the Link/Impa/Lana doubles in Legend Mode and not even touched anything else yet! I'm taking my time as i don't want to rush through it and it be all over!!
It's set to be in my top 5 if it carries on the way it is!!!