Gaming Industry to be worth $68 billion by 2012

According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers comprehensive Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report for 2008 on Reuters, the videogame industry should be worth $68 billion by the year 2012.

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Fishy Fingers3961d ago

This is become ridiculous, the source is clearly wrong yet people continue to approve??

Use the Yahoo link and stop VG247 just leeching more hits off some elses story, which they put time and effort into.

Do not support leeching sites that steal hits from those that deserve it.

Mike Bowden3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Listen, I'll tell you how news works, just so you know know for future reference:

Loads of information comes out and news sites, edit it and make it easily readable/watchable (if it's on TV) so everyone can gain something from it.

That's how it works, that's how it always works. All news agencies do is take a story/information and water it down highlighting the most important bits for everyone to read. That's job, that's the industry, that's what journalists get paid for.

Also, just so you know, when the origin of the story is in a foreign language and has been translated, then the origin source is secondary. It's always been that way.

So now you know. Anyway, to stop you continuously whining I've fixed it for you.


Fishy Fingers3960d ago

Listen, I'll tell you how N4G works. When you post a story, you post the original source. You have passed the contributor test, you know this.


Mike Bowden3960d ago

"News 4 Gamers".

News. Not huge articles containing loads of information that no-one can understand. News. If you want to play policeman, maybe start your own site or ask admin for job?

TwentyForePlay3961d ago

lol well you know what they say about what's going to happen in the year 2012 also... hope some of you gamers heard of it.

Mc Fadge3960d ago

You don't believe in it :/

Xakep3960d ago

Pshh if outsiders see that they'll start trying to open up game companies to make quick cash ins (much like now) and then 1983 will happen all over again.

highdro3960d ago

fans who by their games dont get any thing in return !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!