Vintage Video Game Geeks Might be Traumatized by John Oliver's Same Sex Marriage Video

On Sunday night's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Massachusetts legalizing same-sex marriage. He kind of bungled the joke about a lesbian couple and this momentous tin anniversary, but that was soon forgotten when he turned to Nintendo's minor imbroglio about not letting same-sex avatars get hitched in its Tomodachi Life game. It's all pretty tame to this point (especially for HBO), but Nintendo's promise to rectify this virtual gay marriage ban in future games started Oliver imagining the marriage-equality future for older Nintendo games. If you want to preserve your cherished old arcade game memories in virtual amber, don't watch past the 1:45 mark.

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TekoIie2562d ago

Yeh this is old, but it is still pretty funny for those who haven't seen.

FullmetalRoyale2562d ago

Odd that anybody gives a crap what others do. I thought we were the selfish "me me me!" generation? Still amazes me that people get upset by how some stranger lives their life. Just as amazing that there are still racists around. It's ridiculous.

OT: Like the above said, the video is "internet old", if not still enjoyable. I didn't mind seeing it again.

2562d ago