Developers, lift the level caps and let us be free

From the article, "When you play any game with RPG elements, and you run into this whether you’re fiddling with Borderlands stat trees online or slamming smack into the level cap in Destiny , you hit the single most boring mechanic ever: The level cap. And it’s time to peel off those caps and let us be free."

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USA0071584d ago

I don't find level caps boring, it's about making your character the best it can be with what you have. Tweaking your skill tree, or finding better gear. If there were no cap, everyone one would be OP imo

Jaqen_Hghar1584d ago

which would make the raid trophies easier and that means a man could platinum...A MAN SAYS RAISE THAT LEVEL CAP AND NO RAISING OF RAID DIFFICULTY!

bryan81001584d ago

They need to get rid of the reputation bs for vanguard and crucible and take of cap for marks. It's dumb n a pain. Also needs way more Content.

Randostar1584d ago

That reputation BS is so you can't get legendaries instantly.

bryan81001584d ago

Also fix the loot system. It's horrible. Hrs of game play and I get only 3 rare engrams n turn to uncommon. Even legendary engrams. It sucks. Even went back to diablo cuz of it. Maybe they need to add way more weapons. Like borderlands. Be creative. Not a halo generic with mmo element. Cuz when halo comes out. No more Destiny.

Jaqen_Hghar1584d ago

they don't want everyone running around with legendaries. Though they should add training and take away that ridiculous "complete a raid without anyone on your fireteam dying" trophy. Pro clans have died 1,000+ times on easy mode lol

Jvaughn6611584d ago

Once halo MCC comes out I'm trading in Destiny and getting that instead. Gamestop has a guaranteed $40 dollar trade in for next gen copies of destiny until 10/8, So ill be putting that money towards Halo. Destiny is fun, but as a full time college student with 27hour work weeks, I only have time for one game.

DanteVFenris6661584d ago

It would have to be built that way. A lot of random levelling coding to. Or make some type of way so enemies level with you or when they target it you they copy your stats. Or else especially in a online game your character will be op and fun will be lost. In an online game you'll just having people butch at you because they don't have as much time as you. I'd probably be one of those bitching.

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