NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Now Available on Maingear PC Gaming Desktops

Looking for the ultimate graphics card? Now the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 is available on Maingear gaming desktops!

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Meltic1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Im going to buy it, give me until february until witcher 3 is coming, the price is cut then

TedCruzsTaint1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Definitely what I am going to be upgrading to. That said, I am waiting for the non-reference cards before I do so.
My 680 is still serving me well at the moment anyway.

NewMonday1581d ago

still no reason to upgrade from GTX680 unless you want to play games in 1440p+, the new top cards need a killer game to sell them like Battlefield 3 did and Crysis before it, if the Division can look like the original revel on this GPU then it could be the "it".

Bladesfist1581d ago

I have a 1440p 144hz monitor so I would probably need 2 of these if I wanted my hardware to be too good for my monitor. I have bought one so far. Probably will not buy a second.

jmc88881580d ago

No it isn't.

I have a GTX 670, the same chip with 10 percent less performance.

These chips are sagging now in most new games.

If you want 1080p/60 on these games and what's coming, then you need something better.

True, in some current and past games you can turn down effects, and keep that. But that kind of sucks. (and of course I'm talking about BESIDES higher AA solutions).

Besides, not all games benefit much from turning down options. Some aren't done very well and turning down many effects, multiple notches, still won't get you there. I've literally seen turning everything down from ultra to low at 1080p in some games might only net you 20 FPS. Some games also push you to 30 if you can't keep a stable 60, so yeah, there's a need.

Oh and I have my i7 3820 overclocked to 4.3 ghz, so it's not my CPU. Nor would the 10 percent more power a 680 has fix these problems. You need much more power and newer architectures.

Only a new GPU can, and while I could of waited, believe me, I am going to thoroughly enjoy being back up to 60 FPS again. That's what i'm buying. The higher effects, and smoother framerate that a 670/680 won't provide.

If you want to be at 1440p/60 or higher, you need multiple graphics cards.

The whole, you don't need more then a 680 is patently false.

Oh and the newer graphical techniques that the new 900 series can handle are going to make all these older cards chug hard.

The 970's for $329-369 when overclocked (factory OC, so you can get even higher manually from there) are already beating 780ti's.

That gap will grow as new drivers come out AND grow much further as games start utilizing the new features. Oh and not all of them are new. AC IV: Blag Flag will be implementing the new 4k (and perhaps higher) super sampling feature.

So these new cards also improve IMAGE QUALITY. 1080p on a 970 or 980 with games that utilize the new features will look better, picture quality wise, then on the older models.

Some want to wait for 20nm, I was in that boat too, but 20nm is a pipe dream, it's not likely to happen EVER, for either ATI or Nvidia. Blame TSMC and Global foundries. They screwed up their 20nm, by not including FinFet like Intel had used in their 22nm. This means 20nm isn't a GPU solution at all. It's a low power, mobile solution. Which means, Nvidia and ATI are stuck on 28nm until TSMC and Global Foundries get 16nm WITH FinFet going. That's going to be a while.

At that point, why wait? Especially since you know the likelihood you're going to get a 1070 or 1170 at $329-369 is not very good, and might not even be able to buy whatever the price until 2016-2017.

It wouldn't surprise me to see an overclocked 970 beating a 780ti in certain games by 15-20 FPS next year or 2016 coded to use the new tech, and again with better image quality and using less power, along with all the other features. All for $329-369... and again without much prospect of a mainstream replacement anytime soon.

I can see a 1080 still being on 28nm, and they can make it better, but it's going to be expensive. I can see a new Titan, but it's going to be expensive. The 970 and 980 (mostly the 970) hit's that sweet spot we find in graphics chips every few years.

TedCruzsTaint1581d ago

I run rather demanding mods, I tend to crank AA and I even play on a 144hz monitor. The 2gigs of VRAM has been holding me back for a bit, and I never say no to a significant jump in performance. I already have a friend willing to buy my current card for $220, so this feels like a rather solid upgrade to me, honestly.

NewMonday1580d ago

yes for the mods you will need an upgrade, 680 could only handle a slideshow with the most Skyrim graphics mods.

cyclindk1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I have a single xfx hd7950 3 gig

But my other components are from a basic micro atx pc about 3 or so years old, i3, single slot mobo all just basics.

What other elements shoukd i upgrade to specifically for performance to "match" my card and or other recommendations


Genrally single monitor play 1080p preferences. Never gone bigger than a 32 inch tv in size though and mostly on 23 inch or so

bumnut1581d ago

I would get a better motherboard and processor.

OculusRift1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Your GPU is fine, but I would get a better processor/mobo if I were you. A 760k and nice mobo will run you like $120+ free shipping. Don't let the 760k's low price fool you. it's an amazing processor and it overclocks from 3.9ghz up to 4.5-6 easy with no real heat increase.

cyclindk1580d ago

Thank you sir, whill check into those.