Did Bungie Misrepresent Destiny?

Could one make the argument that Bungie misrepresented Destiny? Did the marketing indicate a different kind of game?

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thorstein1487d ago

Not a bad take. But I don't think Bungie misrepresented anything. I think some angry people that hate gaming misinterpreted what Destiny is, that is for certain.

DLConspiracy1487d ago

Your comment is sort of all over the place.

n4rc1487d ago

Misrepresented? Maybe kind of

Seems the content they marketed IS coming.. Just rolling out slowly over time rather then all up front

GamersHeaven1487d ago

How so the way I see it is people where coming in with their expectations way too high forgetting this game is a last generation game this game been hyped up to be a next generation game when it never was to begin with.

medman1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I don't think Bungie misrepresented the game, but I do think people saw what they wanted to see in it, and heard what they wanted to hear without looking too deeply into it. Once the hype train gets rolling, it's very difficult to slow it's forward momentum. Personally, I was always weary of Destiny because I was never a Halo fan, so Bungie is not a studio that I consider one of my favorites because I've never gotten into any games they have released. On top of that, I never saw much story driven gameplay in all the videos/demos/alpha/beta...and story is what primarily keeps me coming back to a game, as I will occasionally enjoy co-op and really never get that into a multiplayer, with the exception being Uncharted 2's multiplayer. For me the story, or lack thereof, is where Destiny disappoints. But I can't consider it misrepresented for me, because I never heard much from Destiny that this game would have a deep story mode. As far as the online options to team up with others, perhaps people expected more along those lines, and that is understandable. Destiny seems a bit half baked, not quite cooked all the way through. It's a shame, it had potential...I feel like more games need to move away from making their new ip's compatible with ps3/360, and focus on current gen ps4/xbone/pc. We're seeing time and time again with games like Titanfall, Watch_Dogs, and now Destiny that making compromises for last gen tech is really hurting what the games could have been.

DanteVFenris6661487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

You could say the same about last of us. I don't care about story so it feels half baked because the rpg elements are lacking. That's not my opinion but just trying to show what you did. Story doesn't matter in a game at all. I love games with stories and I love them without all depends on what it's trying to do. Destiny is a great game and deserves no less then a 7. Especially considering the genre of fps is fild with crap titles ect , cod, battlefield. Destiny is the best fps on next gen right now and it gets a six and cod gets 9

JimmyHACK1487d ago

They represented the game perfectly.

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