Review: D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die | Hardcore Gamer

Nailing oddity is a finicky prospect. If one is trying to make a strange game, there has to be some semblance of logic involved, otherwise the final product ends up being totally incoherent. If a developer can firmly balance being weird and being gripping, there’s a chance something special could be in the works. Enter D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, the latest project from the mad mind of Swery, the director of Deadly Premonition.

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Foehammer1542d ago

Another good review, and another 8/10, looking good for D4.

ValKilmer1542d ago

Wow, this is the biggest Xbox One surprise this year.

MillennialBuddha1542d ago

Bigger than the Xbox One actually getting a downloadable game?!

Aussiebeachbabe1542d ago

D4. Now what a little gem this game is turning out to be.