Final Fantasy XV’s Battle System Will Be Great and Here’s Why

There have been fears lately in regards as to whether Final Fantasy XV has distanced itself from its RPG roots. But there's some little details that might mean that this is not the case.

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DarkOcelet1494d ago

I like the pacing of the game , not so fast , not so slow and the game looks incredible . Hopefully it's super huge because i want to spend 200 hours or more on a Final fantasy game again after those 1000 hours in Final fantasy XII . Balthier and Fran were awesome , although i loved every one but those two really stood out .

Syclipse1494d ago

Definitely. I'd say it's a safe bet that the world you can explore via driving is going to be remarkably huge, and the city in the first trailer seems to have a large scale in itself. Coupled with the development time, I'd bet that there are a ridiculous amount of sidequests and secrets hidden in there as well (there's bound to be superbosses, for example).

I think we're all going to spend a whoooole lot of time on this one.

DarkOcelet1494d ago

For once i wish all the people who disagreed with us , just tell us the reason instead of trolling .

mikeslemonade1494d ago

Looks amazing and again for almost a 10 year project this is what it should be.

-Foxtrot1494d ago

Probably because unlike FF13 it will actually give you full control and not have on button mashing your way to victory while relying on luck

gangsta_red1494d ago

Sort of like the past FF always done? I don't see what was so different about 13's combat system.

And if you mashed on one button and relied on luck to win those battles in 13 then you really don't know how to play FF.

DarkOcelet1494d ago

FF 13-2 was unfortunately like that and it was a cakewalk except for those damn dlc bosses , which have been included in the game for their ridiculous difficulty but FF 13 , you had to use strategy in alot of enemies like that damn huge tortoise for the Trapazahedron grind but i had alot of fun with it , i just wished it would be bigger ... much bigger .

goldwyncq1494d ago

None of FFXIII's battle system involved button mashing though.

Summons751494d ago

Don't worry the same uneducated haters who didn't play the game when it released still haven't played it. Wonder their reaction when they realize XV and Type-0 are still apart of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series 13 is apart of.

Madock1494d ago

The trailer they showed is worrying, gameplay looked clunky, sluggish, and at times really slow with considerable frame rate drops
I hope that's because it's early in development

Spotie1493d ago

...did you ever play the XIII games? They were nothing like that; that was the charge leveled at the games by people who hated but had never actually played them.

Are you one of them?

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DigitalRaptor1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Because Kingdom Hearts.

And well… it just looks incredible and diverse. You can play as all of Noct's squad and they all have different and unique abilities, style and strengths. An active battle system is much more exhilarating in a game like this with the whole God of War/ Shadow of the Colossus, navigating moving environments and MASSIVE creatures.

The scale just looks immense, more than any FF game I've played in some years.

TekKing1494d ago

People who hated FF13 and are hyped for this are going to be very disappointed.

Then once they're disappointed they will say that FF16 is the last hope for a good FF game and the cycle will continue. Square-Enix just doesn't know how to make FF games and FF15 is already looking clunky from a combat perspective and the characters don't look interesting at all. On top of all that, the modern vibe kills it.

XtraTrstrL1494d ago

I agree on the uninteresting characters and the modern vibe in the city, but the combat system is what I like the most of what I've seen so far. I can't tell how great the enemy AI is/isn't so far, but it looks far from clunky. I also hope you can really explore that whole seemingly open-world space in the background. The real-time combat is what's drawing me into this though, I haven't really been interested in classic JRPG turn-based games in a while.

I hope that real-time combat 8-player co-op Rise of Mana game does well on Vita too, so that way we can possibly get a new PS4/X1 Mana game with top notch visuals. That would be a dream come true, if they could really make it rival the original SoM, and be larger. More open-space, towns, dungeons, special moves, combos, more levels to your char and abilities/mana. That'd be so sweet.

Paprika1494d ago

Just imagine ruby, diamond or ultima weapon appearing? Or bahamut... on this battle system.... please, pleaaase be deep and in depth and not all show!

SoulMikeY1494d ago

Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong game (ff7) but I thought it was Emerald weapon instead of diamond.

Paprika1494d ago

Tbh, you could be right lol. Been so long, but you get the idea!

But in ffxiii I always wanted to fight that huge titan guy... maybe ffxv will offer bosses that huge! I feel like it will play like a hybrid of ff12 and kingdom hearts.

Jinryo1493d ago

There was also Emerald and Diamond Weapon in FFVII.

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