Battlefield 4 “Fall Patch” Coming Soon

Tweaks and fixes incoming! We are happy to inform you that the anticipated Fall Patch for Battlefield 4 is right around the corner. The certification has started on several platforms and the Fall Patch is targeted for release at the end of September.

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Majin-vegeta1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )


References to either Sept 23 or 30th.

Thank you for getting rid of visual recoil.

3-4-51487d ago

Dude.......this would have been cool like 8-9 months ago.

swishersweets200311488d ago

More like will break everything else, and work great for a week then back to being trash.

Borma1488d ago

I actually just bought Battlefield 4 last night. Traded in Ghosts a while back and need a shooter to hold me over until Advanced Warfare. Only problem, I share my PS4 with my brother and he rented MLB so now I have to wait to play it!

DragoonsScaleLegends1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Bad choice in my opinion. Even though I think both of them are the worst in the franchise I think Ghosts was more fun. But I only own BF4 currently.

Vehicles are what that games is about and you have to be either skilled at using them or your not going to have fun. But then it has game modes similar to Call of Duty while not being Call of Duty. You can tell all the levels were meant for vehicles because the distance you have to run if your are playing team deathmatch.

IVanSpinal1488d ago

Ghosts was more fun???? XD

Borma1488d ago

Fair enough. I am hoping I enjoy it. I do agree on Ghosts as being the worst. One of the other reasons I went with Battlefield 4 is because of Battlefield Hardline. They seem like 2 totally different games and if there is no pure Battlefield 5 this year, Battlefield 4 will have some longevity.

venom061488d ago

nope.. not a bad choice at all.. maybe at launch, but 3 months after launch it was already turning around, and now with this Fall Patch coming up, it will be a TOTALLY different game. you bought BF4 at just the right time.

Palitera1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

You're so wrong.

So you think everyone playing BF has to be a vehicle driver/pilot?

FYI, you can ride on helicopters and be the gunner. Also it doesn't take much skill to use tanks.

Finally, I played it a lot and I absolutely SUCK with helis and planes. So I stick with the other roles. For instance, shooting down the aircrafts or flanking.

There's MUCH more on the game than planes. You're probably too used with COD kill streaks. BF is definitely "not about" vehicles.

About the distance, yes, the maps are bigs. So? Every game needs to be COD?

Ultra derp.

SaffronCurse1488d ago

I'm having more fun with Killzone tbh, love having free maps.

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Nathan1701488d ago

Great game when It's not broken...

daBUSHwhaka1488d ago

But its only ever been broken from day one.

Gh05t1488d ago

People still play this?


Glad to see them still trying to make it better.

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