10 Minutes of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- on PS4 Are a Joy for the Eyes

If there’s one game that impresses visually every single time it appears, it's Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, which features extremely crisp graphics that almost seem like 2D sprites despite being drawn in 2D.

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SavageKuma1494d ago

So looking forward to this game. I enjoy Guilty Gear a lot. Great post.

ps4fanboy1494d ago

Looks amazing , want this.

CervantesPR1494d ago

Another game to add to the "PS4 has no games" list.

DevilOgreFish1494d ago

Powered by the engine that made gears of war. says a lot about how much people know what UE3 is capable of.

Silly gameAr1494d ago

Yeah, UE has powered a lot of games....

u-bEttA-rUn1494d ago

Yeeeessss!!!! all we need now Sony is Bloody Roar!!! Make it happen

Cryptcuzz1494d ago

That would be sweet!!! I'm going to get this game, what PS4 needs is a good fighting game and based on my experience with previous GG games and videos on this game, the wait is almost over!

OT: Is Sony rumored to be making a new Bloody Roar game?

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