Destiny Vendor “Xur” is in a New Location, Items for Sale This Week Listed

For those not familiar with Xur – Agent of the Nine, he’s a hooded vendor in Destiny that only appears on Fridays and Saturdays. And more importantly, he sells Exotic gear! Yep, by using those Strange Coins and Motes of Light as currency, you can buy an Exotic armor or weapon from Xur. Or if you’re feeling a bit brave, you can buy Exotic engrams from him but be cautious, though, as it’s not guaranteed that the item is something your class can use.

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Wedge191489d ago

Ah excellent! I'm fully outfitted with Legendary, just need my exotic to cap it off (not to mention upgrades).

ChronoJoe1489d ago

What exotic do you have so far?

I don't have any legendary items, but I have an exotic. First legendary engram I got was an exotic...

n4rc1489d ago

I've got a legendary chest peice, that's it at lvl24..

Keep seeing people in my game finding legendary engram's but I've yet to find one myself.. Mine came from the post master as some gift from someone

This game is being very tight with the loot in my case lol..

darren_poolies1488d ago

I've had one god damn legendary engram and when I got it decoded it was a rare chest piece :'(

Dontworrybhappy1489d ago

Got an exotic in pvp last night! Gamer tags STOUTBEER on X1

kneon1488d ago

I'm having really crappy luck getting legendary items and I don't have enough strange coins to buy anything.

I just finished the daily strike mission solo and all I got was a mote of light and some crappy piece of uncommon armor :(

Cryptcuzz1488d ago

Mote of light are good! You can use them to buy legendaries from vendors like the speaker to the left side of the tower.

3-4-51488d ago

You get more engrams and items by playing PvP than anything else.

Or at least I have.

kneon1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

It would be good except I don't have enough of
of those either.

I seem to get more stuff just doing patrols and killing low level enemies than I do trying a strike on heroic settings.

Cryptcuzz1488d ago

There is a place on Venus, where the downed airplane is. Enemies will keep coming and if you wait there long enough, a wave of strong enemies will arrive. It is a good place to farm and have gotten a lot of uncommon, rare and a few legendary engrams.

Set your destination to Patrol on Venus. Straight down and make a right. Then left up the stairs. Straight ahead from there. Go through the building and follow that path. You will reach an area where you go downstairs and into the area where the downed airplane is. Try it out for half/hour and see if you will get anything good. Good luck!

Cryptcuzz1488d ago

You should also complete as many bounties as you can as well. Once you do enough and reach another reputation level for either Vanguard or Crucible level, the postmaster will give you a legendary engram that are usually two rares and glimmers. I have gotten 2 legendary weapons when decrypting the two rares from the postmaster. Good luck!

ToastyMcNibbles1488d ago

I farmed a spot last night literally for 2 hours. Leveled up cryptarch got a legendary package with a god of war shader. Had a total of 4 legendary engrams. I decrypted everything and ended up with a legendary helmet. My buddies get legendary items without breaking a sweat while i bust my ass. Feels like a second job lol

ceballos77mx1488d ago

I barely got a legendary auto rifle by farming on the moon where the gate opens, around my 500 kill I got the purple engram, killed more than 1500 and got killed around 35 times, and just one legendary.

But that rifle was worth it...

n4rc1488d ago

Lol.. I tried the moon farm..

Got up to 1000 kills and got a few blues and a bunch of greens.. No purples..

Only took 15-20min.. Might try it again.. Hit the max vanguard marks for the week so I'm just screwing around in patrols and a few PvP games (still bugs me some guys have one shot kill guns in a supposed balanced game)

SojournUK1488d ago

Same here, no luck on my drops either...

xTheSociopathx1488d ago

skywatch in the cosmodrome is the best spot for farming

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Shadonic1488d ago

your freaking lucky man, my friend trolled me and jinxed me when i finally got another legendary engram, turned out to be a rare fusion rifle ( the weapon i never use) and he gets one lies about getting off so that i wouldn't be by him when he decrypts it and it turns out to be an exotic shotgun.

GuruStarr781488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Just bought an exotic engram from Xur and got an exotic chest armor! finally got something decent from an engram...could not believe it.

All that pvp to get those motes finally paid off. Happy I didn't have to save up strange coins as they're a pain to get... now to get back to the crucible and hit rep level 3 so I can buy some legendary weapons (Auto rifle, I'm looking at

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ftwrthtx1489d ago

I haven't collected enough stuff for his items yet.

markyboy21811489d ago

is exotic higher level then legandry?

--Onilink--1489d ago

yes, exotic is the highest (for now..) you can only have 1 exotic armor and 1 exotic weapon equipped at a time. So even if you buy one, dont get rid of any legendary you have, since you might want to change the exotic you have equipped later on

souldestroyer141489d ago

Good stuff, I need some strange coins I'm a lvl 25 on xb1 my gamertag is Souldestroyer14 add me if you want to do weekly strikes

DevilishSix1489d ago

That Titan Helm is nice and that Rocket Launcher is denotes into three clusters that track enemies.

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