Not a Fan of PlayStation? Try These 5 Games First

Twinfinite: Some things in the world are just not worth fighting. People hating one particular console in favor of another is just one of those things. For some it involves love PlayStation and hate Xbox. For others, it’s hating them both and loving Nintendo consoles. Really, everyone should love all gaming platforms regardless of individual biases or prejudices. But if you are someone who is not a fan of PlayStation platforms, you should definitely check out these 5 games and reevaluate your position before you truly say you do not like PlayStation.

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xHeavYx1489d ago

Nothing wrong with those games, but they forgot unique games like Journey, Heavy Rain, ECT.

DoomeDx1488d ago

LittleBigPlanet and The Last of Us are pretty unique in my book!

aCasualGamer1488d ago

Good list.. but i would just give God of War 3 to any Playstation doubter. IF you, by any chance, are still a doubter after the first level... then there's no hope for you.

XBLSkull1488d ago

I own PS3 and PS4 but honestly couldn't care less for these franchises, give me SOCOM, SOCOM, and more SOCOM. Guess I'll get that experience (hopefully) in H-Hour. Would mind high quality remasters of the original SOCOM trilogy, with a treatment akin to what Halo 2 Anniversary is doing.

Oh and Bloodbourne looks freaking sweet, gonna probably play Witcher 3 and get burned out on that but then when I'm ready for the next RPG Bloodbourne will definitely be it. Gonna try out Silent Hills also, never played them before but I'm trying to expand my taste in games to include stuff besides FPS and action games with the occasional side of RPG and RTS.

ABizzel11488d ago


I agree, but the problem with a list like this is that, while all those games are good / great / amazing games, if it's not the genre someone likes then it's still a hard sale to a non-PlayStation gamer.

You need to see what they like to play on their platform of choice, then provide similar offerings, and different experiences that are missing on their platform that they might not have had the chance to experience.

There's no solid try these 5 games that works for everyone, but you can easily make one if you know their preference.

xHeavYx1488d ago

I somewhat agree, but in that case, they forgot God of War

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1488d ago

I'm a PS owner since the PS2 and I've never played a minute of Persona, so that wouldn't part of the games I would recommend to try to have a taste of it. I would replace it with God of War which completely sold me to the brand.

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Tiqila1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

The Last of Us
Persona 4

FarEastOrient1488d ago

Thank you, a poor design if they refused to fit all that on one page.

ScottyHoss1488d ago

The did -_- it's a huge waste of time for the reader, even if it quintuples their revenue

BattleTorn1489d ago

Wow. No Ratchet&Clank or Sly Cooper?

Those, along with the 5 listed, were what hooked me.

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